Meaning of HEAVY in English


(WEIGHING A LOT) [adjective] -ier, -iest - weighing a lot; needing effort to move or liftThe piano's much too heavy for one person to lift.How heavy is that box (= How much does it weigh)?I don't want to do any heavy work/heavy lifting and carrying.The old car had rather heavy (= difficult to move/turn) steering.(figurative) Her eyes were heavy with tiredness.(literary) If you are heavy-hearted, have a heavy heart or your heart is heavy, you are unhappy.With a heavy heart, she turned to wave goodbye.(specialized) A heavy metal is a dense and usually poisonous metal, such as lead.Heavy metal is a style of rock music with a strong beat, played very loudly using electrical instruments.(specialized) Heavy water is water that contains much more than the usual amount of deuterium (= type of hydrogen).

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