Meaning of HEAVY in English


n. 25B6; adjective

a heavy box : WEIGHTY, hefty, substantial, ponderous; solid, dense, leaden; burdensome; informal hulking, weighing a ton.

a heavy man : OVERWEIGHT, fat, obese, corpulent, large, bulky, stout, stocky, portly, plump, paunchy, fleshy; informal hulking, tubby, beefy, porky; Brit. informal podgy.

a heavy blow to the head : FORCEFUL, hard, strong, violent, powerful, vigorous, mighty, hefty, sharp, smart, severe.

a gardener did the heavy work for me : ARDUOUS, hard, physical, laborious, difficult, strenuous, demanding, tough, onerous, back-breaking, gruelling; archaic toilsome.

a heavy burden of responsibility : ONEROUS, burdensome, demanding, challenging, difficult, formidable, weighty; worrisome, stressful, trying, crushing, oppressive.

heavy fog : DENSE, thick, soupy, murky, impenetrable.

a heavy sky : OVERCAST, cloudy, clouded, grey, dull, gloomy, murky, dark, black, stormy, leaden, louring.

heavy rain : TORRENTIAL, relentless, copious, teeming, severe.

heavy soil : CLAY, clayey, muddy, sticky, wet; Brit. claggy; informal cloggy.

a heavy fine : SIZEABLE, hefty, substantial, colossal, big, considerable; stiff; informal tidy, whopping, steep, astronomical.

heavy seas : TEMPESTUOUS, turbulent, rough, wild, stormy, choppy, squally.

heavy fighting : INTENSE, fierce, vigorous, relentless, all-out, severe, serious.

a heavy drinker : IMMODERATE, excessive, intemperate, overindulgent, unrestrained, uncontrolled.

a heavy meal : SUBSTANTIAL, filling, hearty, large, big, ample, sizeable, generous, square, solid.

their diet is heavy on vegetables : ABOUNDING IN, abundant in, lavish with, profuse with, unstinting with, using a lot of.

he felt heavy and very tired : LETHARGIC, listless, sluggish, torpid, languid, apathetic.

a heavy heart : SAD, sorrowful, melancholy, gloomy, downcast, downhearted, heartbroken, dejected, disconsolate, demoralized, despondent, depressed, crestfallen, desolate, down; informal blue; poetic/literary dolorous.

these poems are rather heavy : TEDIOUS, difficult, dull, dry, serious, heavy going, dreary, boring, turgid, uninteresting; informal deadly.

branches heavy with blossoms : LADEN, loaded, covered, filled, groaning, bursting, teeming, abounding.

a heavy crop : BOUNTIFUL, plentiful, abundant, large, bumper, rich, copious, considerable, sizeable, profuse; informal whopping; poetic/literary plenteous.

he has heavy features : COARSE, rough, rough-hewn, unrefined; rugged, craggy.

light, thin, gentle, easy, bright, friable, small, calm, moderate, energetic, cheerful, meagre, delicate.

Concise Oxford thesaurus English vocabulary.      Краткий оксфордский словарь английского языка тезаурус.