Meaning of HEAVY in English



1. weighing a lot

2. how heavy someone or something is




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1. weighing a lot

▷ heavy /ˈhevi/ [adjective]

▪ That table’s too heavy for you to lift on your own.

▪ Boys are usually slightly heavier than girls at birth.

▪ Heat the oil in a large, heavy saucepan.

▷ weigh a ton /ˌweɪ ə ˈtʌn/ [verb phrase] spoken

to be very heavy or to be a lot heavier than you expected :

▪ What on earth have you got in this suitcase? It weighs a ton!

▪ That piano weighs a ton. You’ll need four men to lift it.

▷ weight /weɪt/ [uncountable noun]

use this to say that something is very heavy :

▪ Victory was easy for a man of his weight and strength.

the weight of something

▪ Several branches had been torn from the trees by the weight of the snow.

▪ Jim was staggering along under the weight of a huge box of encyclopaedias.

2. how heavy someone or something is

▷ weigh /weɪ/ [verb]

to be a particular weight :

▪ What do you weigh -- a hundred kilos or so?

weigh 50 kilos/15 tons etc

▪ She weighs about 58 kg.

▪ Each whale was about 40 feet long and weighed 45 tonnes.

how much somebody/something weighs

▪ How much does this parcel weigh?

▪ She didn’t tell me how much the baby weighed.

▷ be 5 kilos/10 pounds etc /biː ˌfaɪv ˈkiːləʊz/ [verb phrase]

to weigh five kilos, ten pounds etc :

▪ Fortunately my suitcase was less than 25 kilos.

▪ I’ve put on weight recently, so I’m probably about 120 kilos.

▷ how heavy /haʊ ˈhevi/

use this to ask or say how much something weighs, especially something that is very heavy :

▪ Well, how heavy is your boat? would it go on top of the car?

▪ You’d be surprised how heavy these boxes are.

▷ weight /weɪt/ [singular noun]

the amount that something or someone weighs :

▪ If you can guess the weight of the cake, you win a prize.

▪ The cost of transportation depends on the weight of the load.

▪ Premature babies have a low birth weight.

▪ Vehicles over a certain weight are not allowed to use the bridge.

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