Meaning of INDUSTRIAL in English

[adjective]Industrial means related to industry.industrial outputindustrial expansionIt's an industrial city/country/landscape/nation (= one which has a lot of industry and many factories).He has an industrial background (= has worked in industry).Industrial action is acting in a way intended to force an employer to agree to something, esp. by stopping work.Industrial archaeology is the study of the buildings and places related to early types of industry.An industrial disease is an illness related to the work that someone does, and industrial medicine is the study of this type of illness.Industrial espionage is when one company steals secrets from another company with which it is competing.(UK) An industrial estate (US and ANZ industrial park) is a special area on the edge of a town for factories and businesses.Industrial relations are the relationships between companies and their workers.The industrial revolution is the period of time during which work began to be done more by machines in factories than by hand at home.In Britain the Industrial Revolution took place between approximately 1750 and 1850.We must save the world from the worst environmental disaster since the industrial revolution.The industrial revolution virtually bypassed the town, which looked much as it had done since Napoleon's day.An industrial tribunal is a type of law court which decides on disagreements between companies and their workers.

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