Meaning of INDUSTRIAL in English



agricultural/industrial/factory etc machinery

an industrial area

People living in industrial areas are exposed to these types of chemicals.

an industrial belt (= where there are a lot of factories etc )

the northern industrial belt of the United States

an industrial city

Sheffield is an industrial city in the north of England.

an industrial dispute BrE, a labor dispute American English (= between workers and employers )

A lot of working days are lost through industrial disputes.

an industrial economy (= one that is based mainly on industries producing goods or materials )

Expectations for growth in the main industrial economies remain low.

an industrial injury (= one that happens at work )

He was the victim of an industrial injury.

an industrial site (= where factories are )

The area is to be redeveloped as an industrial site.

an industrial society

In complex industrial societies, different groups specialize in particular activities.

an industrial town

Thousands moved to the newly forming industrial towns to work in the mills.

an industrial/industrialized nation

The rich industrial nations dominate the global economy.

chemical/industrial etc pollutants

industrial pollutants in the lake

commercial/industrial/economic etc logic

Reducing your carbon footprint is also backed by good economic logic.

council/industrial/housing etc estate

economic/industrial etc decline

This area has been severely affected by long-term industrial decline.

economic/industrial/business etc development

The US has been keen to encourage economic development in Egypt.

industrial action

industrial archaeology

industrial arts

industrial civilization

Industrial civilization is barely a century old.

industrial commodities

Sales of the old industrial commodities of iron and coal are still important.

industrial conflict (= between workers and their employers )

The industrial conflict resulted in a series of strikes.

industrial dereliction

areas of industrial dereliction

industrial emissions (= from factories )

The trees are being killed by acid rain and other industrial emissions.

industrial espionage

a campaign of industrial espionage against his main rival

industrial espionage

industrial estate

industrial goods (= goods used mainly in the production of other goods )

machinery and other industrial goods

industrial land (= land where factories can be built and industry take place )

The canal basin area is designated as industrial land.

industrial pollution (= from factories )

A study has linked ill health in the area with industrial pollution.

industrial relations ( also labour relations British English labor relations American English ) (= relations between managers and workers )

Good industrial relations are in everyone’s best interests.

industrial relations

Industrial Revolution, the

industrial tribunal

industrial unrest

The wave of nation-wide strikes and industrial unrest continued throughout the winter.

industrial/agricultural chemicals (= used in industry/in farming )

Some deaths from cancer are related to industrial chemicals.

industrial/chemical waste

pollution caused by industrial waste

industrial/financial/media etc conglomerate

industrial/strike action (= that workers take in order to protest about pay, working conditions etc )

The miners voted in favour of industrial action.

manufacturing/industrial/agricultural etc output

Korea’s agricultural output

plant/garden/industrial etc debris

Clean the ventilation ducts to remove dust and insect debris.

rural/industrial/urban etc landscape

the agricultural/manufacturing/industrial sector (= the part of the economy to do with growing food/producing goods )

As the industrial sector grew, more and more of the population moved to the cities.

the industrial age (= the time during the late 18th and early 19th centuries when goods or substances such as coal and steel were first produced in large quantities using machines )

urban/industrial wasteland

the restoration of industrial wasteland




Is the company improving its industrial accident record?

You had an industrial accident but it was never treated as one.

This scheme was replaced in 1946 by a state scheme for victims of industrial accidents and prescribed industrial diseases.

I wondered if he was gingerly admitting that his plant had a problem with industrial accidents .

The rate of industrial accidents was horrific.

They are the victims of auto accidents , industrial accidents, falls from cliffs, fires, fights, stabbings, shootings.

The waste is the most toxic remains of the industrial accident at Seveso in 1976.

The only place where official statistics have been released for industrial accidents is Shenzhen.


The strike shut 3 schools in Gloucester for the day, after one union voted for industrial action .

Both local and national industrial action by prison officers has been a recurrent event.

Talk was of a minor disciplinary measure by management that might lead to industrial action .

More trade-union sponsored Labour candidates were put forward in the 1929 General Election as unions recognized the failure of industrial action .

Picketing in various forms has shown itself to be one of the most effective forms of industrial action .

The odds stacked against them show that industrial action today needs a leap of the political intellect.

At times, his resemblance to George Michael isn't just striking, it's out on long-term industrial action .

No: 38 3: Would you be prepared to take part in industrial action with a strike starting on April 18?


Even after the factories have been built, the heavy vehicles will continue to serve the industrial activities there.

Competent authorities are also to organize inspections or other means of control suitable to the kind of industrial activity involved.

Anything in the way of industrial activity was counter-intuitive, to say the least.

Many industrial activities impose external effects, usually detrimental ones, on the wider community.

These droveways formed the focus for a wide range of agricultural and industrial activities .

What is the appropriate measure of scale difference between industrial activities ?

Effluent from industrial activities in countries bordering the sea is also causing various pollution hazards.

We were told that the water was required to serve an expected expansion of industrial activity on Teesside.


Preindustrial aristocratic attitudes were carried over into an industrial age .

Contrary to such forecasts, nearly all the indices of human progress have improved since the dawn of the industrial age .

The industrial age cut its own swathe across the island, and deeply cut marble and copper quarries scar many hillsides.

The death of family business, or the birth of a new industrial age .

The unlikely answer, in the post-industrial age , is going down the pit.

What does it mean to go from an industrial age to an information age?

It's probably the single most significant invention of the industrial age , in terms of its effect on our everyday lives.

The logic of business organization developed in the industrial age emphasized the virtues of increasing size.


Some contamination by heavy metals was detected, notably in the industrial areas of Fife, and also more widely by tin.

New technologies meant that workers were no longer needed in such numbers, in many of the older industrial areas especially.

With rising rural population and the end of the cereal boom, farm wages away from industrial areas simply stagnated.

Because the technology is based on readily available material it can be produced anywhere, creating jobs outside industrial areas .

Why are many of the industrial areas placed to the north of the city?

Workers employed in the mills and factories of industrial areas took to the bicycle as a principal means of travel to work.

Not as bad as in some other regions with exceptionally large industrial areas , he replied.

Cities and the new industrial areas were, by and large, the magnets which attracted them.


The Dow Jones industrial average fell 22.69 points to 3,492.00.

After opening with moderate weakness, the industrial average led a resurgent move by economically sensitive stocks.

When they took office in January 1993 the Dow Jones industrial average stood at 3,242.

In late morning trading on Wall Street, the Dow Jones industrial average fell sharply, down 115.09 at 10,380.19.

Instead, the Dow Jones industrial average climbed to still another record high.

The blue-chip Dow Jones industrial average is already up 4. 9 percent this year, after soaring 26 percent in 1996.

Share prices of the Dow Jones industrial average fell Friday by 55 points after an early plunge of 145 points.

P 500-stock index and the Dow Jones industrial average produced average annual 10. 5 percent returns.


Hanson is said to be gearing up for a further full-scale foray into our industrial base .

Our industrial base proved decisive in the conflict.

It faced hostility from Labour leaders, and never succeeded in gaining an electoral or industrial base .

As fire power was exported abroad, an industrial base was solidified at home.

And most suburban districts do not have the same high taxable industrial base that the city enjoys.

They must be able to plan adequately for sufficient waste management capacity to serve their industrial base .

Genuinely skilled workers in this country are simply too scarce for the sort of industrial base we want to create.

We could have preserved our industrial base .


Other rates may apply where the development is acquired second hand, or is merely a refurbishment of an existing industrial building .

Retail developments will not qualify for industrial buildings allowances.

There is increasing evidence that shortcomings in the industrial building stock are an obstacle to better national economic performance.

As in many early industrial buildings , the original layout of this mill was very simple.

It has, however, found a direct application in the histories of architecture, technology and industrial building .

Evidence of the logical development of this practice can also be found in one ow two early industrial buildings .


These are seen as distinct stages of Third World exploitation associated with the growth of industrial capitalism in the west.

They have turned the world of industrial capitalism into a world of finance capitalism.

The new middle classes of industrial capitalism produced symbols which helped realize the value of industrial commodities.

These men could not have foreseen the risks of advanced industrial capitalism .

As economies move from industrial capitalism into global capitalism, businesses move plants to find such workers.

It served the interests of industrial capitalism under the direction of the party.


The first large and industrial city we reach is Kharkov.

There were a number of imposing structures in this industrial city , some of them a little funny, he thought.

Golshiri was born into a working-class family in the historical and industrial city of Isfahan.

That system and the friendly societies were needed to keep doctors in business at all in the poorest areas of the industrial cities .

Therese's remains came to Tijuana this weekend after a stop in the northern industrial city of Monterrey.

In 100 large industrial cities , pollution levels averaged over 10 times the acceptable limit.

Massive protests also erupted in the nearby industrial city of Masan.


Had he not been turned down by a local industrial company , things might have been different.

Carmarthenshire is a rural area with small industrial estates to which the local authority is keen to attract modern high-technology industrial companies .

There are often more substantial resources behind partners from large industrial companies than their partners from educational institutions.

Figure 3 plots the percentage of listed industrial companies with potentially failing profiles over time from 1978 to date.

The Privatization Committee processed offers from the private sector for over 100 currently state-owned industrial companies .

In most countries some industrial companies pour out whatever they can get away with.


Chapter 6 deals with strikes and industrial conflict , an area where more specific hypothesis-testing via quantitative methods is possible.

This brings us to consider the broader context of industrial conflict .

The former was said to bring industrial conflict , the latter harmony.

Thus it is possible to discern three main levels of causality in this model of industrial conflict .

They had survived the trials of imperial retreat, economic decline, and industrial conflict , and remained cohesive and intact.

The growth of unions and the serious industrial conflicts of the mid-1890s led the government into systematic intervention in labour relations.

But industrial conflicts are not of this kind.

The teachers' unions adopted a policy of industrial action and employed techniques appropriate to an industrial conflict .


Secondly, workers and trade unions in most industrial countries exercised a high degree of wage moderation.

This in a country in which the tax rates were the lowest of all industrial countries.

Shamefully, the powerful G7 leading industrial countries currently give an average of 0.19 %.

A similar constraint is visible in the monetary growth rates of all the advanced industrial countries .

This is an experience familiar to the old industrial countries .

But again theory and history prove that this is but one road to possible revolutionary crisis in a highly developed industrial country .

Absolutes aside, it is clear that relative to other advanced industrial countries Britain's economy has grown for too long less sturdily.

Workers reaped benefits far beyond those in nearly every other industrial country .


A thorough review of social movement theory and research in advanced industrial democracies .

And in that separation, in that accommodation, there was no place for industrial democracy .

The answer is: industrial democracy .

But then it is hard to see how that arrangement could be described as, or even contribute to, industrial democracy .

This it sees as evidence of the shop-floor pressures for greater industrial democracy .

It was, and remains, authentic industrial democracy .

The second strand, industrial democracy , had found its advocates in Robert Owen and his followers.


But there was resentment also at the lack of industrial development in the city and its surrounding areas.

Some critics question how much commercial or industrial development will occur in the first several years of the project.

Calcutta's industrial development in the 1950s occurred without a corresponding expansion in regular employment.

But carbon has fueled industrial development , as well as its accompanying atmospheric shock.

It was also argued that the ban was premature and that undeveloped nations would have their industrial development impaired as a result.

The changing regional pattern of industrial development has entailed more than shifts between sectors.

The major industrial developments were heavily concentrated in a few key areas of the Empire.


Eden was instantly plunged into industrial disputes in the docks and on the railways.

Today will be the first time troops have been brought in during an industrial dispute since 1978.

Our third decision dates from 1960 and concerns an industrial dispute at a printers' works in London.

This was because owing to wartime censorship there had been little in the newspapers about industrial disputes .

After 1981, the Securitate and other security forces were used as the prime means of settling industrial disputes and demonstrations.

It gave ministers an improved intelligence system on the physical consequences of industrial disputes in vulnerable industries and services.

Those are the facts about the state of manufacturing industry, and industrial disputes are at the lowest for half a century.


Births fell and employment and real wages worsened in almost all industrial economies in the early 1930s.

The implications of this are chilling in an era marked by growing, destabilising imbalances among the world's largest industrial economies .

By contrast, the share of industrial economies has dropped from 73% to 54%.

Instead they funded the rapid development of Britain into a major industrial economy and formidable international power.

Indigenous lands are under enormous pressure from an ever-expanding industrial economy which is probing every corner of the earth tor new resources.


Whether versions of destruction are to take place within or without the industrial enterprise , the political implications are obvious.

The main internal relations they are concerned with are those which generate waves of innovation by industrial enterprises .

They are: first, the growth of giant industrial enterprises and the concentration of economic power in fewer of them.

We could decentralise the building industries as well, and all small-sized industrial enterprises .

The town had suffered from the worst of industrial enterprise and was now the recipient of a major twenty-million-pound clean-up.

Modern industrial enterprises were started by Mitsui, Mitsubishi, Sumitomo and Yasuda from the late 1920s onwards.

Great dockyards such as Chatham, Brest or Kronstadt were the biggest and most complex unified industrial enterprises of the age.


Whitehall denies that Echelon is involved in industrial espionage , but admits that its aims include countering industrial espionage by others.

The Computer Security Institute, which conducted the survey, said the losses were caused by industrial espionage , hacking and fraud.

Whitehall denies that Echelon is involved in industrial espionage , but admits that its aims include countering industrial espionage by others.

The possibility of their involvement can not be ruled out at this stage, but neither can industrial espionage .

Finally, we need a transatlantic understanding on industrial espionage .

The strength of the desire to gain particular techniques is often reflected by the extent to which industrial espionage was resorted to.

Under the second category they considered investigations by private detectives, industrial espionage , technical surveillance devices, and finally computers.


The Gabriel-Havez school in Creil where they live stands in the heart of the town's industrial estate .

Each has 30 000-70 000 people and its own industrial estates .

The industrial estate was planned by the railway engineer Joseph Locke.

This concentration on industrial estates is not accidental.

Newton Aycliffe's industrial estate has suffered a series of burglaries and car crime this week.

They made off with £200 cash from Sashless Windows, on the edge of the Standard Way industrial estate .

Knutsford-based Bushwing wanted to build a business park as part of an industrial estate in Lach Dennis, near Northwich.

Not a cosy High Street shop but a hangar-like building on the edge of an industrial estate .


Buying behaviour in industrial goods markets also tends to be conservative.

In an expanding economy, growth tends to concentrate on industrial goods and services.

But in industrial goods markets the role of the buying function may vary from significant to relatively insignificant.

It was expected that, as a first step, tariffs on industrial goods would be reduced by one-third to 30 percent.

No national market for consumer or industrial goods was created and thus industrialization was hindered.

Its immediate economic aim was to work for the reduction and eventual elimination of tariffs on most industrial goods among its members.

The analysis of buying behaviour in industrial goods markets is continued in Chapter Fifteen.


Despite these qualifications, it is true that urbanisation is typically linked with industrial growth .

Finniston's own skills have certainly made an enormous contribution to the industrial growth of Britain.

The North was a populous, bustling, commercial place, its economy geared to industrial growth .

Almost everywhere, industrial growth , like agricultural recovery, took place behind protection of tariffs.

While the intention was to stimulate industrial growth by freeing the market, the actual result was vastly different.

Urbanisation, another prerequisite for industrial growth , destroys farmland.


The developmental history of non-riverfront industrial land is rather different.

A substantial part of the industrial land has been developed but the job yield has been far below initial expectations.

By doing so, it is hoped to develop a far better understanding of how industrial land markets work in practice.

The real conflict has been over the development of industrial land for retail purposes.

And developers who build new homes on old industrial land will get tax perks.

Planning director Jim Wilkie is recommending that the site stays on the market as industrial land .

In 1965, the Reichmanns purchased some industrial land in north Toronto for £17.8 million.


By the end of the seventeenth century the industrial landscape was much more evident.

In the meantime new industrial landscapes have developed.

The early industrial landscapes differed essentially from those that developed with steam-power.

Nor are the worst of modern industrial landscapes in the traditional areas.

With the demise of the traditional industrial landscapes nostalgia for them has grown.

Clydebank's industrial landscape can be seen from the A814 passing the north bank of the river from Glasgow to the west.

This sad picture of an industrial landscape should be examined under a powerful reading-glass.

With these four large-scale factories, the creation of the modern industrial landscape may be said to have begun.


The social historian may he interested in changing modes of dress, or agricultural and industrial machinery .


No advanced industrial nation gives corporations a freer hand in busting unions.

The conference, bringing together the world's seven leading industrial nations , centred on trade talks.

He remains a federal employee and is handling preparations for the upcoming meeting of the seven major industrial nations .

This same change of emphasis has occurred in the industry of all the Western industrial nations .

But it is becoming increasingly important that an accord on foreign corporate investment is negotiated between leading industrial nations .

Debt is the direct result of the banking structure that has enriched the G7 leading industrial nations .


Overall, industrial electricity sales grew twice as fast as industrial output .

They want to condemn industrial output .

Real incomes and personal savings were rising along with increased industrial output and business dividends.

Its industrial output also fell, by 3.5% in the 12 months to March.

But industrial output has fallen in four of the past five months.

The Government said that manufacturing output grew by 0.3% in October, while industrial output rose by 1%.

A high level of industrial output , too, is likely to entail higher real levels of bond issuance.


STOKESLEY-based property developer and builder, Avon, is to build a £4m industrial park at South Bank, Middlesbrough.

We wanted to be in an industrial park .

The industrial parks were the worst.

The same zero-pollution closed-loop principles in a plating factory can be designed into an industrial park or entire region.

Susan was twenty-two, a computer operator in a large mirror company in an industrial park near their apartment.

The city also reached agreement with a major development firm to market the industrial park area.


So does the vulnerability of people at work, or moving through the transport networks, or living near large industrial plants .

The plan includes major new scientific instruments and industrial plants .

The social patterns are formed in centers like an industrial plant or the larger society as parts of the culture.

A wheelbarrow mounted version can be switched between different small engines in a farm or industrial plant .

Of greater concern was the decline in quality resulting from the increased inputs of pollutants by sewage works and industrial plants .

He ordered all but one of the 24 industrial plants near the city to close down.

All four admitted a second charge of conspiracy to handle stolen motor vehicles, industrial plant and machinery.


The thesis comes into its own with respect to industrial policy where significant discontinuities in policy can be attributed to the government changing hands.

Since he resigned as defence secretary over the Westland helicopter affair in 1986, he has campaigned for an active industrial policy .

Pressures are being exerted to give the Community a more positive role in industrial policy .

In fact, the Government have had no industrial policy since being elected in 1979.

On the other hand Tsongas, another centrist sceptical of big government, espoused an industrial policy which distanced him from Clinton.


The remainder were largely due to sewage, industrial pollution or oil spillages.

A spokesman for Greenpeace said that industrial pollution appeared to be the most likely cause.

The town where this happened, Minamata, became the name of a disease and a worldwide symbol of industrial pollution .

The general public are also in danger from industrial pollution .

It's not just industrial pollution and radiation from Chernobyl, 50 miles upstream.


Those substances are basic to many industrial processes .

Water conflict is inherently local, depending upon neighborhood needs for human consumption, food production, industrial processes and waste treatment.

It is active fascination with the industrial process , and a positive interest in technology.

By pushing industrial processes toward the organic model, bionic engineers create a spectrum of ecosystem types.

Hurter was a pioneer in applying the disciplines of physical chemistry and thermodynamics to industrial processes .

Polar ice also would provide hydrogen for rocket fuel and for industrial processes .

There are failures and mistakes in every industrial process .

Imagine, Tibbs suggests, that we push grimy workaday industrial processes toward the character of biological processes.


The ingredient that causes this effect is the solvent contained in many brands of glue as well as many other household and industrial products .

Rubbermaid makes plastic and rubber housewares and other consumer and industrial products .

By 1961 internal tariff barriers had been substantially reduced and quota restrictions on industrial products had been largely eliminated.

The four other divisions manufacture power generation plant, marine equipment, power transmission and distribution equipment and industrial products .

The engineering and industrial products group's pre-tax profits slumped to £25.5m in 1991 from £70.3m in the previous year.

Products Rentokil specialises in industrial products in the fields of public health, safety, fire protection and energy conservation.

The loan was to be repaid in raw material and industrial products over four years from 1993.

Q24 Dependent on how a product is purchased, it may be described as a consumer product or as an industrial product.


Because of multinationals, industrial production means little improvement in levels of employment.

In general, industrial production managers share many of the same major functions, regardless of the industry.

This generated bottlenecks which in turn led to a fall in industrial production .

Never had any nation relied so completely on industrial production and material superiority to wage a war.

This became the basis for its industrial production .

Last month, reports showed industrial production rose 1. 3 percent in November from the month before.

A series of studies by the research group have examined quantitative developments in capital investment, industrial production , trade and agriculture.

Earnings Salaries of industrial production managers vary significantly by industry and plant size.


It is a re-analysis of the reasons for the industrial revolution in Britain.

They fueled the industrial revolution in both Great Britain and the United States but are today a standard third-world-manufactured product.

Since the industrial revolution , millions of jobs have indeed been destroyed by machines.

During the peak of the industrial revolution , the preferred fuel was coal, which is 50 percent carbon.

Absolute poverty has fallen steadily since the industrial revolution , which is why yesterday's luxuries have become today's necessities.

For most of the industrial revolution , serious wealth was made by bringing processes under central control.

The arguments that a new industrial revolution is waiting to happen in space are, for now, unconvincing.

With the industrial revolution , however, a better world did in fact arrive on earth.


The programme has not recognised the vital role that chemistry plays across most industrial sectors .

The prospects in the process heat industrial sector are approximately as good as in the boiler industrial sector.

Unemployment is rising, with the industrial sector expected to contract by 20 percent this year.

The prospects in the process heat industrial sector are approximately as good as in the boiler industrial sector.

While the industrial sector remained small in real terms, much industrial production continued to be located in rural areas.

Thus a shrinking industrial sector had to produce enough to finance an expanding non-industrial sector.

Environment Minister Hans Alders is seeking similar agreements from the country's main industrial sectors .

Huge industrial sectors built up in the 70s and 80s-including petroleum, telecommunications and automobiles-will be especially vulnerable.


The third aim could include projects such as financing the decontamination of abandoned industrial sites .

Monday to begin redeveloping old industrial sites .

Ringed Plovers can also exploit industrial sites and, for example, breed in the vicinity of the power station at Southwick.

Sent to photograph military and industrial sites .

The earliest industrial sites are now often looked after as carefully as those of abbeys and castles.

The air was scented by the hoppy smell of the small Ridder beer brewery, the only industrial site in view.

The revival of the West Midlands economy has also been accompanied by increasing demands for high quality industrial sites in attractive locations.

Railside Revival was developed to improve the old industrial sites bordering the railway through Darlington.


Congregationalism appealed to the better-off sections of industrial society .

His work construct is clearly based on a critique of work in industrial society .

However, modern industrial societies are different in all these respects.

All this changes drastically in industrial societies , where the economy is perpetually expanding.

They produced very different theories about the origins, character and future path of industrial society .

There has in fact been a recent tendency for this type of mobility to decrease in most of the advanced industrial societies .

His idea was that these have to be fused in some way in industrial societies otherwise such societies could not survive.

One myth that prevails in advanced industrial societies , for example, is that technology is politically neutral.


From the simple hunting band to the complex industrial state , production is a social enterprise.

Only in the old industrial states of Massachusetts and Rhode Island was opinion evenly split on this issue.

Buchanan and Forbes moved on Tuesday to the industrial states that will vote next week.

This year marks the first time that the four industrial states have lumped their primaries together early in a campaign.

The South and some industrial states have higher index numbers, which means residents there are in poorer health.

Most industrial states , however, require a State permit.


The imposition of taxes in this model is relevant to the effect not just on prices but also on industrial structure .

Britain has a particularly top-heavy industrial structure .

North-South models; international migration of labour; trade and industrial structure in the 1930s; the political economy of protectionism.

Moreover, industrial structure is not something which can be resolved merely by general debate over a general checklist of factors.

We must recreate the industrial structure that we once had and wantonly destroyed.

Modernization of the industrial structure had hardly begun.

But there are also important features for industrial structure which differentiate the eurobond market from most other financial markets.

Obviously this necessitated change in the industrial structure of this country.


It highlighted all the issues of the unhealthiness of industrial towns , of poverty, bad housing and squalid environments.

Chicago, founded thirty years earlier, was already a big sprawling industrial town .

And their shouts find echoes in the industrial towns of the Midlands and the North.

The incident followed long-running jibes between Snell and listeners about the industrial town of Ellesmere Port, Cheshire.

The larger unincorporated industrial towns could petition for incorporation under this Act and many did so over the following years.

Some was piped through the Midlands to the industrial towns on either side of the Pennines.

The gaol was situated not far from the centre of a large and fast-growing industrial town .


That leaves Phil Thompson, sacked from the coaching staff by Souness and now talking industrial tribunals .

Anyone who believes they have been subject to unfair dismissal can complain to an industrial tribunal .

Their decisions are binding on industrial tribunals and have had a significant impact on managerial practices by major employers.

But it provides guidelines as to what constitutes reasonable behaviour and it carries considerable weight at an industrial tribunal .

By contrast, industrial tribunals in the exercise of the unfair dismissal jurisdiction are concerned with disputes between employee and employer.

Despite that, surprisingly few complaints about discrimination are made to industrial tribunals each year.

Sixteen years later the same workers failed to get equal pay at an industrial tribunal under the 1983 amended Equal Pay Act.

She complained to an industrial tribunal alleging discrimination on the basis of the age range specified and she was successful.


In the face of mounting political and industrial unrest , Asquith may have been anxious to head-off further confrontation with feminists.

Nor was Baldwin troubled with the industrial unrest which culminated in the General Strike during his first administration.

Mr Howard painted a picture of industrial unrest under Labour rivalling the worst days of the 1970s.

The brutalising environment that ferments prison disorder also stimulates industrial unrest among prison officers.

Such jealousies may lead to valued career-move expatriates and/or fixed-term contract workers failing in their postings or result in local industrial unrest .

This contributed to the notable growth in trade union membership from 1902 and the industrial unrest of 1910 to 1914.

Mounting industrial unrest gave the party new heart after internal disputes over incomes policy, immigration, Rhodesia, and much else.

And yet until the outbreak of widescale industrial unrest in the late 1880s, this class remained passive.


Argyll and the Islands Enterprise executives are anxious to purchase the 44-acre site at Sandbank, near Dunoon, for industrial use .

The industrial use of oil, 3. 4in, constitutes an even more tempting alternative fuels target.

The village was first mentioned in records of 1707 developing as a result of the increased industrial use of the river.

The other 20 percent goes for industrial uses and coins.

Most diamonds are brown or yellow with little visual appeal and are fit only for industrial use .

The first industrial use of power on the Moon will probably be for the manufacture of propellants and life-support materials.

It sustains the flow of rivers, from which we take water for drinking and many industrial uses .

Peat remains a vital island fuel but little if any is exported and there is no industrial use such as whisky distilling.


From 1995, the dumping of all forms of industrial waste will be prohibited outside of territorial waters.

Many landfill sites cater for industrial waste as well as domestic.

Sewage sludge and industrial waste will still enter the North Sea from Britain until 1998.

Far from being a resource, most farmers see slurry as just another form of industrial waste .

Material suitable for deep sea dumping included sewage sludge, industrial waste , and toxic ashes left after the incineration of garbage.

Under that programme, they have been able to demonstrate ways of breaking up many dangerous industrial wastes .

It was agreed to halt all depositing of industrial waste in international waters by 1995, including sub-seabed disposal of nuclear waste.

Domestic and industrial waste , discharged oil and millions of gallons of raw sewage are flushed into the sea every day.


Restored quarrymen's cottages at Gloddfa Ganol show the social background of the industrial workers .

The women employed in the rural factories were industrial workers , proletarians not peasants.

On Nov. 15, police shot and killed four people during a demonstration by industrial workers .

In 1913, the average salary for industrial workers was $ 675 a year.

A more specific example of how the culture of work profoundly influences the industrial worker is around the issue of assessment.

Over a period of just months I was witness to the rapid transformation of a group of peasant women into industrial workers .

But if the old kind of industrial worker has his back to the wall, the farmer's case is even worse.

The whole of society was taken in hand: peasants, industrial workers , intellectuals and members of the Party.


What a growing part of agriculture all over the world had in common was subjection to the industrial world economy.

The real-wage declines that began in the United States are now spreading across the industrial world .

The second characteristic of my industrial world is that it is incredibly international.

The vitality of these cities, in fact, should make the existing business capitals of the industrial world nervous.

Two major problems dominate further enquiry into today's fertility patterns and trends in Britain and the whole industrial world .

This affects jobs in the wealthy industrial world but it also affects jobs in the mid-wage developing world.

The city was indeed the most striking outward symbol of the industrial world , apart from the railway itself.

Since the 1970s, in common with the rest of the industrial world , it has fallen to its lowest level ever recorded.


industrial waste

an industrial nation

modern industrial practices

The factory has developed an ingenious way of dealing with industrial waste.

The government is giving high priority to industrial development.


Chapter 9 explores this theme by looking at the role of the trade unions in political bargaining over new industrial relations strategies.

High-tech companies also have moved into the industrial park that was first home to Wrigley.

Increased competition and easier industrial collaboration in a less sheltered defence market will not save jobs.

Milford, in the Derwent valley just south of Belper, is a complete and almost untouched late eighteenth-century industrial village.

The Gabriel-Havez school in Creil where they live stands in the heart of the town's industrial estate.

The skyscrapers of Manhattan dazzled him as emblems of Western industrial progress.

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