Meaning of INDUSTRIAL in English

I. ə̇nˈdəstrēəl adjective

Etymology: partly from Middle French, produced by systematic labor, from industrie employment involving skill (from Latin industria diligence) + -al; partly from French industriel of or belonging to industry (especially manufacturing), from industrie industry (from Latin industria diligence) + -el, -al, from Latin -alis — more at industry

1. : of or belonging to industry: as

a. : being in or part of industry

industrial work

an industrial employment

b. : being or constituting an industry

an industrial enterprise

c. : characterized by highly developed industries or being chiefly dependent economically upon industry

an industrial nation

d. : engaged in industry or in industries especially at manual labor

the industrial classes

e. : derived from human industry rather than from natural advantages only or from profit only

industrial wealth

an industrial crop

f. : belonging to or aiding those engaged in industry

industrial wages

industrial safety

industrial training

g. : produced by an organized industry

industrial products

h. : used or designed or developed for use in industry

industrial fabrics

an industrial diamond

wrapping, building, and other industrial papers

2. : belonging to industrial life or accident and health insurance

II. noun

( -s )


a. : one that is employed in a manufacturing industry

b. : a company engaged in industrial production or service

2. industrials plural : stocks or bonds of industrial companies

3. : something industrial (as an industrial diamond) as opposed to something else that is of the same class of things but used or designed for use for a nonindustrial purpose

III. adjective

: heavy-duty

an industrial zipper

IV. noun

Usage: often attributive

: highly amplified rock music that is characterized by a fast beat and electronic samples

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