Meaning of KNOW in English

(BE FAMILIAR WITH) [verb] [past simple] knew, [past participle] known - to be familiar with or have experience and understanding ofI've known Daniel since we were at school together. [T]She grew up in Paris so she knows it well. [T]Do you know the words to this song? [T]I know this part of London like the back of my hand (= very well). [T]I've seen the film 'Casablanca' so many times that I know a lot of it by heart. [T]I know her as a colleague, but not really as a friend. [T + object + as noun]Knowing Sarah (= from my experience of her in the past), she'll have done a good job. [T](formal) I have known (= experienced) a lot of happiness in my life. [T]If you know (about) a subject, you are familiar with it and understand it.Do you know about computers? [I usually + preposition]She knows her subject inside out/(UK and ANZ also) backwards (= very well). [T]If you know a language, you can speak and understand it.Everyone in the class knows a bit of English. [T](esp. UK and ANZ) If you know of something or someone you have heard of or about them.Do you know of a good doctor? [I usually + preposition]To know something or someone can be to recognize them.That's Peter - I'd know him anywhere! [T]I know a bargain when I see one. [T]If you know one thing from another thing or if you know the difference between two things, you recognize each by seeing the differences between them.Would you know a deer from an elk? [T]If you know how to do something, you are able to do it because you have the necessary skill or knowledge.Do you know how to print on this computer? [+ wh- word]To know how to do something is to be skilled at it.He really knows how to sing!To get to know someone or something is to spend time with them so that they become familiar.The first couple of meetings are for the doctor and patient to get to know each other.I'll need a few weeks to get to know the system.If you know someone by name, you have heard the name of a person but have never seen or talked to them.If you know someone by sight, their face is familiar to you, but they are not a friend of yours.If something, esp. a feeling, knows no bounds, it is extreme.Our happiness at hearing the results knew no bounds.To know your stuff/(dated) know your onions is to have good practical skills and knowledge in a particular activity or subject.If you know your way around/know the ropes, you are familiar with a place or organization and can act effectively within it.If you know what you are talking about, you are an authority or expert on something.To know what it is (like) to be or do something is to be familiar with how it feels to be or do it.She knows what it's like to go bankrupt - it happened to her 20 years ago.If you do not know someone from Adam, you have never met them before and do not recognize them or their name.The police showed me a photo of the guy, but I had to admit I didn't know him from Adam.If someone wouldn't know something if they fell over one/if one hit them in the face, they would not recognize it even if it was obvious.Anna wouldn't know a bargain even if she fell over one.

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