Meaning of LENGTH in English

(DISTANCE) [noun] - the measurement of something from end to end or along its longest sidePassengers will be charged according to the lengths of their vehicles. [C]This elastic cord stretches to twice its normal length. [C]The boat is ten metres in length (= ten metres long). [U]She planted rose bushes (along) the length of the garden (= the whole distance along it). [U]A length of something such as string or pipe is a piece of it.He used a short length of steel pipe as a weapon.A length is a unit used in describing the distance by which a horse or boat wins a race. It is equal to the measurement from one end of the horse or boat to the other.The Cambridge boat won by two lengths.A length in a swimming pool is the distance from one end to the other.She swims forty lengths a day.If you travel the length and breadth of a place, you go to every part of it.She travelled the length and breadth of Ireland looking for her missing brother.

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