Meaning of LENGTH in English

n.1 measurement or extent from end to end; the greater of two or the greatest of three dimensions of a body.

2 extent in, of, or with regard to, time (a stay of some length; the length of a speech).

3 the distance a thing extends (at arm's length; ships a cable's length apart).

4 the length of a horse, boat, etc., as a measure of the lead in a race.

5 a long stretch or extent (a length of hair).

6 a degree of thoroughness in action (went to great lengths; prepared to go to any length).

7 a piece of material of a certain length (a length of cloth).

8 Prosody the quantity of a vowel or syllable.

9 Cricket a the distance from the batsman at which the ball pitches (the bowler keeps a good length). b the proper amount of this.

10 the extent of a garment in a vertical direction when worn.

11 the full extent of one's body.

Phrases and idioms:

at length

1. (also at full or great etc. length) in detail, without curtailment.

2 after a long time, at last.

Etymology: OE lengthu f. Gmc (as LONG(1))

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