Meaning of MIXED in English


[adjective]There has been a mixed reaction to the changes (= some people like them, but others do not).Mixed also means for both sexes.Our children go to a mixed school.(dated) Some of his jokes were very rude - they weren't suitable for mixed company (= a group where both males and females are present).Mixed can also mean combining people of a different religion or race.a mixed marriage/relationshipThere is often a lot of prejudice against people of mixed race.Mixed-ability teaching is where children of different abilities are taught together.mixed-ability teaching/classesA mixed bag is a range of different things or people.There's a real mixed bag of people on the course.We received a mixed bag (= some good and some bad) of entries to the competition.Getting into the team is a mixed blessing (= has advantages and disadvantages). It's good to have the place, but I'll have to spend a lot of time training.If you play a game of mixed doubles, you play a game, such as tennis, with each team consisting of one female and one male player.(US) A mixed drink is an alcoholic drink made by mixing at least two liquids, one of them containing alcohol.Gin and tonic is a mixed drink.A mixed economy is an economic system in which some industries are controlled privately and some by the government.Mixed farming is a method of farming in which crops are grown and animals are kept on the same farm.We have mixed feelings (= both good and bad emotions) about the move. There will be new opportunities, but problems also.A mixed grill is a meal in which several types of meat are served together which have been cooked under a very hot part of a cooker.A mixed metaphor is when two or more metaphors are combined, esp. to produce a silly or an amusing effect."The new job has allowed her to spread her wings and really blossom" is a mixed metaphor.

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