Meaning of MIXED in English




a mixed marriage (= between people of different races or religions )

Her parents disapproved of mixed marriages.

a mixed metaphor (= the use of two different metaphors at the same time to describe something, especially in a way that seems silly or funny )

In a mixed metaphor, she said ‘he stepped up to the plate and took the bull by the horns.’

a mixed reception (= when some people like something and some do not )

His first novel received a mixed reception.

have mixed feelings (= have both positive and negative feelings )

Her parents had mixed feelings about the marriage.

mixed ability (= at different levels )

a mixed ability class

mixed ability

a mixed ability group

mixed doubles

mixed economy

mixed farming

mixed grill

mixed marriage

mixed media

mixed motives

He had mixed motives for joining the army: a desire to prove himself, but also the desire to get away from his family.

mixed reactions (= some positive and some negative reactions )

The book met with mixed reactions.

mixed signals (= ones that are confusing because they seem to show two different things )

Our culture gives girls mixed messages about food, with skinny models and fast-food commercials competing for attention.

mixed up

He’s the last person I’d expect to be mixed up in something like this.

mixed/conflicting emotions (= a mixture of very different feelings )

She had mixed emotions about seeing him again.




I had left my East Anglian home early the previous day with very mixed feelings.

The ex-Eurythmics mastermind admitted very mixed emotions over his Honorary Fellowship of Sunderland's university.

Today there is a very mixed bag of public relations workers and organisations.

All in all these developments have had a very mixed reception.

The electricity companies were almost universally ahead in a very mixed market.

In all, a very mixed package of health care measures was evolving.

The results were a very mixed bag, with some of them so gloomy they refused to be quoted.

Women regard the family planning programmes as a very mixed blessing.



The five classes are of mixed ability and each has up to eight children of similar age and/or developmental level.

I am writing a textbook for mixed ability classes in comprehensive schools based on this model.

Set on Corton Cliffs high above the beach, it's a lush meadowland course ideal for mixed ability groups.

One dealt with the issue of mixed ability teaching as a separate issue.

Classes for dancers of differing levels of technique have therefore been dispensed in favour of mixed ability sessions.

This preparation eased the way for further integration of physically handicapped children into the mixed ability secondary school.

One such requirement is the need for a mixed ability philosophy which actively encourages integration in all its forms.


The 17 exhibitors at the fair had bought a mixed bag of drawings, spanning centuries and price ranges.

But beer-drinkers are a mixed bag these days, and so is the stuff they drink.

Among this lot, the emotional trawl was a bit more of a mixed bag .

Today there is a very mixed bag of public relations workers and organisations.

So we have a mixed bag of destinations and holiday choices for you.

The results were a very mixed bag , with some of them so gloomy they refused to be quoted.

As for the current batch of fanzines, they are undeniably a mixed bag .

The quarter finals also took place on Saturday and produced a mixed bag of entertainment.


The disintegration of the Takeshita faction was seen as a mixed blessing for Miyazawa.

Even that has been a mixed blessing .

For voluntary organisations the budget was more of a mixed blessing .

The sheer pace of accumulation was itself a mixed blessing .

Ultraviolet light is a mixed blessing as far as living things are concerned.

Carmakers view this as a mixed blessing .

Significant technological advances in underwater excavation and recovery are proving a mixed blessing in the field of marine archaeology.

Pedagogically the need to be much clearer about what is being taught and why is a mixed blessing .


There were four competitions: men's singles, women's singles, women's doubles and mixed doubles.

Because I must have been noticed, I was invited by the families to play in mixed doubles .

On Sunday play starts with the mixed doubles at 9am with the men's open singles starting at 10am.

Among the guests, with girl-friend Babs Feltus, was some one who also knows about mixed doubles - Boris Becker.


The programme's emphasis on a mixed economy also met little resistance.

The managed mixed economy and a highly developed system of collective social provision were the means for achieving these values.

All the same, the 1988 results give Socialist defenders of the mixed economy new ammunition to fire at would-be privatisers.

What he actually offered was a vigorous defence of the mixed economy with a passing assault on Treasury investment rules.

The privatization programme has been recognized as a major break with the mixed economy consensus.

These programmes were founded on a comprehensive Welfare State system complemented by the demand management of an expanding mixed economy .

But the idea of the mixed economy was hardly less grandiose.

The Griffiths proposals were based on the further development of a mixed economy of welfare.


The ex-Eurythmics mastermind admitted very mixed emotions over his Honorary Fellowship of Sunderland's university.

His memories of Sarah were as strong as ever, but he thought of her with mixed emotions .

She needed space and time to think, time to sort out this mess of mixed emotions .

After the official closure it was with mixed emotions that we took our leave of Wadeville.

It was a day of mixed emotions for a player who came up through the ranks at Ayresome Park.

Recording with the Attax produced mixed emotions too.

The loss of parents brings with it a whole range of mixed emotions .


The teams in first and second place in the table, Oxton and Chester Boughton Hall, enjoyed mixed fortunes .

Figures show how much we've grown 1992 was a year of mixed fortunes for the Food and Agriculture Division.

In fact the war years were a period of mixed fortunes for cotton manufacture.

Nothing else can explain his attitude to the young Greg LeMond, who had the mixed fortune of being his teammate.

It was a day of mixed fortunes for husband and wife Price and Beth McConaghy.


A mixed group of students would be catered for by placing greater emphasis on electives.

This is another mixed group including both owner-occupiers and those who rent their homes with their business.

They can be primary or special schools, mixed groups of teaching and outside agency staff.

Speaking less than men in mixed groups . 6.


Baste occasionally during cooking. 3 Meanwhile, mix together the mustard, olive oil, cream and mixed herbs .

Add the nuts, tomatoes, breadcrumbs, salt and pepper, mixed herbs and chilli.


The main grounds appeared to be the danger which it might pose to the small Southern protestant minority by encouraging mixed marriages .

There are many mixed marriages , and war has only strengthened friendships.

Nehemiah's law against mixed marriages was paralleled in Athens by Pericles' legislation against foreign wives.

Like the mixed marriages that were general here.

The penal laws in force at the time, however, made mixed marriages difficult, if not impossible.


Markers lend themselves in particular to mixed media sketching and to mixed media artwork for reproduction in print.

Sally uses mixed media and is still experimenting with other materials.

Josef Heman, Miner in a Landscape, 1952, mixed media .

The result is a strong and challenging exhibition in which mixed media work predominates.


As the next section shows, the skilful use of mixed messages leads to a range of unintended and counter-productive consequences.

The division managers must find ways to explain the existence of mixed messages to themselves and to their subordinates.

If discussing mixed messages would be embarrassing, then publicly testing for the validity of these explanations would be even more so.

Producing mixed messages , we have seen, requires highly honed skills.

The mixed messages , in turn, produce unintended, counter-productive consequences that create the incompetence.

When individuals communicate mixed messages , they usually do it spontaneously and with no sign that the message is mixed.


The murder suspect is described as of black or mixed race in his early 20s.

Elsewhere, people of mixed race lost their monopoly of the middling-rank jobs, as they found themselves jostled from below.


The seventeenth edition met with mixed reactions .

As its image as an independent search for truth has changed, scientists have had mixed reactions .

Reactions to training Our evidence suggested that there had been a mixed reaction to the take-up of material designed specifically for boards.

The proposal has upset residents living near the base, and met with a mixed reaction from the travellers themselves.

There was a mixed reaction to the creation of the new states.

There were mixed reactions to the strike.

There has been a mixed reaction to the appointment.


Cuisine 2000 itself, meanwhile, was enjoying a somewhat mixed reception .

Crawford's performance also met with a mixed reception .

Orfeo had a mixed reception , with predictable hostility on the part of Mazarin's enemies.

All in all these developments have had a very mixed reception .

But Penrhyn's success has met a mixed reception .


When asked how beneficial the training had been there was a somewhat mixed response .


These mixed results suggest that short selling restrictions are not the main cause of mispricings.

The Western powers' recourse to warships yielded mixed results .

Such studies have yielded mixed results .

A selection of case studies was reported, illustrating the mixed results that emerge from apparently similar projects.

A similar mixed result had attended the efforts of earlier canal engineers.

Investigation of these predictions has yielded mixed results .


Or Seafood Salad - a delicious combination of prawns, smoked salmon and crab pieces on a bed of mixed salad.

Packs of sprouting beans are readily available and make a refreshing addition to mixed salads .

Anders was there, supposedly supervising the preparation of an assortment of mixed salads for the buffet.


Brisbane State High was a mixed school , and it wasn't only the girls who found Eva Burrows good company.

Thus all members of a simple random sample of 30 pupils from a mixed school could be girls.

She taught in a racially mixed school and was at pains to correct simple stereotypes and unthinking prejudices.

But I am old-fashioned enough to dislike hearing it flung about in railway carriages by mixed school parties.

To his great credit, my father never mixed school and home.

Unfortunately, in the past girls' schools did not provide the same curriculum options as boys' schools or mixed schools.


It is no coincidence that in the current recession, the big boys have been active again, though with mixed success .

I have tried buying second-hand machines at auction with some mixed success .

She adapted many of her novels, including the first, for the stage, with mixed success .

The innovation brought only mixed success , and the small telescope has now fallen into disrepair.

We don't have a spray shop here and we have had mixed success with using a local spray finisher.

There was mixed success however, for a similar reintroduction project for red kites.

Members of the high aristocracy took turns to rule Normandy, with mixed success .

I've also enjoyed watching furniture students progress with mixed success from college to those ranks of recognised craftspeople.


a mixed blessing

Staying at home with the baby has been something of a mixed blessing for Pam.

The color printer is a mixed blessing - it looks good, but it takes a long time to print.

But the passenger pigeon, as we now know this bird, was a mixed blessing for the Pilgrims.

Even that has been a mixed blessing .

For voluntary organisations the budget was more of a mixed blessing .

My celebrity was a mixed blessing .

Such a prestigious credit was something of a mixed blessing .

Switching to College Prep was a mixed blessing .

The disintegration of the Takeshita faction was seen as a mixed blessing for Miyazawa.

The sheer pace of accumulation was itself a mixed blessing .

be inextricably linked/bound up/mixed etc

For in fact political theories, doctrines or ideologies, and political action are inextricably bound up with each other.

In her mind the murder and the attack at the Chagall museum were inextricably bound up with the secret of the Durances.

It makes you understand that you are inextricably bound up with each other and that your fortunes depend on one another.

Within the workplace inequality and conflict are inextricably bound up, irrespective of the relationship between particular managements and workforces.

be/get mixed up in sth

A straight-laced Wall Street banker gets mixed up in one ludicrous misunderstanding after another in George Gallo's screwball comedy.

Everything else about this journey is starting to get mixed up in my head.

He defended me and Eddie when we got mixed up in a couple of scrapes.

He had to be mixed up in the Cicero Club.

Her son's got mixed up in it, probably demonstrated yesterday with the Socialists outside the Town Hall.

I still do not want to get mixed up in any Indochina decision....

It was nothing to do with her, and whatever it was she didn't want to be mixed up in it.

We weren't going to get mixed up in a job, when we were going home off duty.

be/get mixed up with sb

Answer: She would never have got mixed up with him in the first place.

But this all gets mixed up with motivation too: the horse must be motivated to learn.

I am beginning to get mixed up with the days of the month.

It's an odd business and it seems to be mixed up with Edwin Garland's will.

Of all the people you do not want to get mixed up with he is the first and the last.

Then Conley got mixed up with Charlie Keating and somehow lost millions of dollars, eventually ending up bankrupt.

Trust Auguste to get mixed up with it.

We used to get mixed up with the fight.

mixed metaphor

I have mixed metaphors for all occasions.

Instances are quoted of highly contrived antithesis, of mixed metaphor and elaborate circumlocution.


a mixed -race family

a salad of mixed greens

After beating the cake mixture, add a handful of mixed nuts.

Brisbane High was a mixed school so we had plenty to distract us from our lessons.

Many new step-parents will admit to having mixed emotions about their new family.

One hall of residence is for men, one is for women and the third is mixed .

Reactions to the announcement were somewhat mixed .

The other girls had mixed feelings, some of them were happy for me but some were jealous.

The show draws a mixed audience of children and adults.

This is a very mixed neighborhood, both racially and socially.


A geezer down in Catford once mixed smack with flour.

Also, would you recommend traditional or reverse-flow undergravel filtration for a mixed set-up?

Beat in the mixed dried fruit and milk and turn into the prepared can.

But the College says it's now as a mixed college the Somerville can best function and encourage academic excellence in women.

If the New Deal is judged by its economic success alone, then the verdict must be a mixed one.

Place a plastic bag in your pot and fill with ready mixed cement.

The mixed honours degrees mentioned below specifically cater for the non-vocational law student.

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