Meaning of MIXED in English


adj.1 of diverse qualities or elements.

2 containing persons from various backgrounds etc.

3 for or involving persons of both sexes (a mixed school; mixed bathing).

Phrases and idioms:

mixed bag (or bunch) a diverse assortment of things or persons. mixed blessing a thing having advantages and disadvantages. mixed crystal one formed from more than one substance. mixed doubles Tennis a doubles game with a man and a woman as partners on each side. mixed economy an economic system combining private and State enterprise. mixed farming farming of both crops and livestock. mixed feelings a mixture of pleasure and dismay about something. mixed grill a dish of various grilled meats and vegetables etc. mixed marriage a marriage between persons of different races or religions. mixed metaphor a combination of inconsistent metaphors (e.g. this tower of strength will forge ahead). mixed number an integer and a proper fraction. mixed-up colloq. mentally or emotionally confused; socially ill-adjusted.


mixedness n.

Etymology: ME mixt f. OF mixte f. L mixtus past part. of miscere mix

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