Meaning of MIXED in English


/ mɪkst; NAmE / adjective


having both good and bad qualities or feelings :

The weather has been very mixed recently.

I still have mixed feelings about going to Brazil (= I am not sure what to think) .

The play was given a mixed reception by the critics (= some liked it, some did not) .

British athletes had mixed fortunes in yesterday's competition.


[ only before noun ] consisting of different kinds of people, for example, people from different races and cultures :

a mixed community

people of mixed race

a mixed marriage (= between two people of different races or religions)


[ only before noun ] consisting of different types of the same thing :

a mixed salad


[ usually before noun ] of or for both males and females :

a mixed school

I'd rather not talk about it in mixed company.



late Middle English mixt : from Old French mixte , from Latin mixtus , past participle of miscere to mix.

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