Meaning of MONEY in English

[noun] [U] - the coins or notes which are used to buy things, or the amount of these that one person has"How much money have you got on (= with) you?" "£10 in notes and a few coins."Could you lend me some money until tomorrow?The children were told to keep their money in a purse with their name on it.Savers were advised to invest their money in a high-interest bank account.I wanted to buy it but it cost too much money (= was too expensive).Don't waste your money on toys that will only last a few days.We spent so much money redecorating the house that we didn't have any left over for a holiday.You can't pay in English money. You'll have to change some money (= buy some foreign money) at the bank.How much money do you earn (= What are you paid to do your job)?Good money usually means an amount of money that you think is a lot.I paid good money for it.She spent good money on it.They earn good money in that company.Someone who has money is rich.Her family has money so she's never needed to be as careful as the rest of us.If you say that there is money in something, it means that the activity will produce a profit.There's money in sport these days.Is there any money in car hire?There's money in it for you.He enjoyed acting but he wasn't making (= earning) much money.Her investments haven't made (= produced as profit) much money this year.They made their money (= became rich) in the fashion business.He tried to persuade me to put money into the company (= invest in the company).If you put money on something, you bet on it.He put £10 on the horse.I'd put money on Chris being (= I feel certain that Chris will be) the next director.We need to raise (= collect) money for a new school pool from the parents.Try to save (= keep) some money for your holiday.We're saving (= not spending as much) money by using volunteers.Don't spend all your money at once.I didn't like the job, but the money (= amount of pay) was good.Money is tight/short (= We haven't got much money) at the moment.I had some very expensive dental treatment recently - but it was money well spent - it'll save me problems in the future.For my money means 'in my opinion'.For my money, Sunday is the best day to travel because the roads are quiet.To get/have your money's worth is to receive good value from something you have paid for.I was determined to get my money's worth out of Eurodisney - we were there when the gates opened and we stayed till it closed.She's had her money's worth out of that dress - she's been wearing it for years.If we win this competition we'll be in the money (= have a lot of money).He can afford it - he's made of money (= very rich).One way to get rich is to marry money (= marry a rich person).(UK) Money for jam/old rope means you are paid for doing something very easy.Babysitting is money for jam if the children don't wake up.I had no idea what his job was but he certainly seemed to have money to burn (= have a lot of money).If you put your money where your mouth is you show by your actions and not just your words that you support or believe in something.Someone or something that is money-grubbing has money as their main interest and does anything they can to get lots of it.The money market is the system in which banks and other similar organizations buy and sell money from each other.A money-maker or a money-spinner is something which produces a lot of money.The book has turned out to be a real money-spinner.Someone who is money-minded is interested in money or is good at using their money.I've never been very money-minded - I leave all my business affairs to my financial adviser.(disapproving) He's very money-minded - he's always asking what you paid for things.(esp. US and ANZ) A money order is a piece of paper from a bank or post office that can be used to send money to someone else.You can pay your bills with cash, money orders or personal cheques.The money supply is all the money which is in use in a country.(saying) 'Money talks' means that people or organizations that are wealthy are more powerful than those that are not, and therefore can get what they want.(saying) 'Money doesn't grow on trees' means that you haven't got an unlimited amount of money because the money you have to spend depends on what you earn."Mum, I'd like a new bike." "I'll have to think about it - money doesn't grow on trees, you know!"(saying) 'You pays your money and takes your choice' means that there are different things you could do but you have to decide for yourself which is best.

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