Meaning of MONEY in English



a money box (= that children save money in )

How much have you got in your money box?

a sum of money

We urge people not to keep large sums of money in their houses.

appearance fee/money (= the money someone is paid to appear somewhere )

He gave his appearance fee to charity.

be short of money/cash/funds

Our libraries are short of funds.

beer money

The job was never going to make me rich, but it kept me in beer money for a while.

big money

Carter won big money in Vegas last year.

blood money

bribe money

The mayor is accused of accepting bribe money.

campaign funds/money

He was found guilty of using campaign funds illegally.

counterfeit currency/money etc

counterfeit £10 notes

danger money

demanding money with menaces

He was charged with demanding money with menaces.

earn good money (= earn a lot of money )

You can earn good money working in London.

earn money

I’d like to earn more money than I do now.

electronic money

extorted money

Rebels extorted money from local villagers.

financial/money problems

Our financial problems are over.

financial/money worries

Bach’s last years were clouded by financial worries.

forget your keys/money/cigarettes etc

Oh no, I’ve forgotten my wallet.

funny money

hard-earned money/cash etc

Don’t be too quick to part with your hard-earned cash.

hush money

He was jailed for laundering drug money .

lay money (that)

I’d lay money that he will go on to play for England.

mad money

make money

His one aim in life was to make money .

make pots of money

He’s hoping to make pots of money from the deal.

money belt

money is tight/things are tight

Money was tight and he needed a job badly.

money laundering

The country is a major centre for money laundering.

money market

money order

money supply

his policy of controlling the money supply and cutting public spending

money well spent (= a sensible way of spending money )

The repairs cost a lot, but it’s money well spent .

new money

obtaining money by deception

He was convicted of obtaining money by deception .

old money

He invited both the smart set and Perth’s old money.

owe sb money/£10 etc

I owe my brother $50.

paper money

pin money

She helped her uncle out sometimes just to earn a bit of pin money.

pocket money

How much pocket money do you get?

prize money

The players are demanding an increase in prize money.

raise money

a concert to raise money for charity

raise money/funds for charity

A huge amount is raised for charity by the festival.

ransom money

He’s got the ransom money .

receive payment/money/a pension etc

They will be entitled to receive unemployment benefit.

redundancy money/pay

He spent his redundancy money on a plot of land.

I took the radio back, and they refunded my money .

reward money

'Anyone who gives me the information that leads to an arrest will get the reward money,' he repeated


seed money

spending money

I can’t afford to spend any more money this week.

the health/business/money etc aspect

the health aspects of chemical accidents

I’m not very interested in the business aspect.




Now he's been accepted, Mark's biggest problem is money .

Like most major issues where big money is involved, neither party is exactly a profile in courage.

The big money for a Lewis-Bruno fight will come from the paying audience.

What emerges from that tainted oven will likely be a typical loaf of local politics leavened by big money .

The big money has evidently been well spent.

You look like big money now.

There are enough big money players cut down in their prime to give the new boy nightmares.

The proposed test program is inadequate to ensure the necessary reliability before we begin to spend big money on national missile defense.


Is there any extra money for classroom use through Compact?

That need for extra money is still the primary reason most people get into our business today.

Just how is the extra money injected into people's portfolios in the first place?

They get the cash from the house and have extra spending money .

Whatever he was doing with the extra money , he was not settling accounts with those he had defrauded.

Who knows what extra money you will need to get you through the next crunch?

Only then will the extra community care money be released - provided the forecast expenditure on institutional care is reasonably on course.

And it was the county's responsibility to decide whether St Bede's and St Augustine's got extra money .


They got engaged after he proposed and she lent him large sums of money .

Indeed, some of the largest institutional money managers catering to wealthy individual investors advertise tax-related investment strategies based on computer models.

In addition, he was ordered to pay large sums of money to the government as compensation for his negligence.

The majority of the speakers requested that large amounts of money be allocated for housing rehabilitation.

Forest townships were compelled to pay the warden large sums of money if they did not attend Forest inquests at his summons.

The immediate investment of a rather large sum of money for the meat supply for several months. 2.

Retail and wholesale banks alike raise large sums of money on this market, and lend their surpluses there.

In addition, that gigantic building requires large amounts of money simply for upkeep and maintenance.


Even Libertarians, who advocate much less government, are happy to accept public campaign money .

But it couldn't be privatised without a large injection of public money .

For another $ 50 million to $ 85 million of public money , a retractable dome could be added, they said.

Nearly £1 billion of public money and over £4 billion of private money has gone into Docklands since 1981.

What fosters the Terrells' sizable contributions to public life is money , old money and vast money.

There would be public money to provide union ballots on strikes and leadership changes.

The actual implementation of these programs involves collection of revenues and disbursement of public money , budgeting, accounting, and purchasing.


But some groups that are short of money may want the job for financial reasons.

The program is expected to run short of money when an onslaught of baby boomers become eligible.

But it seems that I can not rid myself of this fear of running short of money .

Never desperately short of money , he was lucky in attracting funds and spent his money generously.

Victim Support helps thousands of people every year, but the service is running desperately short of money .

The report also proposes that it would be appropriate for political parties to publish accounts of how they spend their Short money .

The choice of venue implied that Fowler-Troon wasn't short of money .


Both major parties raised soft money at a furious pace in 1995 and 1996, each gathering more than $ 100 million.

Is your toilet paper honestly the softest money can buy?

In theory, soft money is supposed to be used only for generic party activities and not to support specific candidates.

Both major parties raised large amounts of soft money for use during the presidential campaign.

Dole now backs a ban on PACs, soft money contributions and the use of dues to finance labor union donations.

Of the soft money total, $ 2, 357, 259 went to the Republican party.

I was sinking fast in the mire of soft money .

The study covered soft money gifts to the national, House and Senate committees of each major party.



They were covered and got their money back .

Only those who paid by credit card would be certain of getting their money back .

Organisers - expecting 70,000 to turn up this weekend at Tatton Park in Cheshire - have offered ticket-holders their money back .

Many companies offer a 30-day money back guarantee.

Each one contains a money back voucher worth £5.00, valid against any purchase from Christopher Wray.

Yes, we would like our money back .

If share prices fall over that time, a safety net guarantees you will get your money back .


Still, money managers , analysts, and economists are taking their best educated guesses.

He blames the market itself, and profit-taking by other money managers , for the stocks' decline.

Indeed, some of the largest institutional money managers catering to wealthy individual investors advertise tax-related investment strategies based on computer models.

The Pittsburgh-based money manager oversees about $ 60 billion in investments.

In the case of the second investor, our model reproduces the tax-based investment strategy offered by numerous money managers .

Some individual money managers made news in 1995.

Even corporate bonds, which in particular started the year out of favor among money managers , had a good year.


The obverse of money market advances is money market deposits, and these work in the same way.

Checks written against money market funds continue to earn interest until the check clears the fund.

The sterling money market in London is the device used by banks and others to adjust their liquidity.

Virtually all funds come to the bank at a cost, so these money market funds are no different in this respect.

For larger corporations, direct participation in the money market may still be cost effective.


Most years pocket money has kept well ahead of inflation, and this year is no exception.

Carmine had a man who washed his pocket money in Ivory liquid to keep it germ-free.

However, she must have a minimum of £12.65 pocket money .

He earned pocket money by repairing furniture for neighbors and then trained as a patternmaker for a company that produced textile machines.

Do they have to do anything to earn their pocket money ?

In this school, there are people who could buy the school with pocket money .

Giving extra pocket money for good work on a daily basis is far more effective.

For Gates, this $ 150 million is known as pocket money .


The blunder on Melbourne's Sandown race track is likely to cost Charlie £12,000 in prize money .

The teach pocketed $ 2, 500 in prize money .

Four years ago seven leading men threatened to boycott the event because they considered the prize money too low.

Her surviving crew members, rich with prize money , are unprepared, perhaps, for what lies ahead -- peace.

He now competes for £10,000 prize money in the final.

George, 50, had to pay £10 from his prize money at the annual leek show at Northallerton, North Yorks.

Racing was transferred to the present site in Knavesmire in 1731 with prize money of £155 for a five day meeting.

He left the bank and opened a portrait studio, using the prize money as capital.


Here, the recorded money supply falls while spending increases.

The high drama at the Fed involves its decisions on interest rates and the money supply .

If inflation is to be controlled, they maintain, then the money supply must be controlled.

Since this is a money and banking book we focus on what happens to the interest rate when the money supply changes.

This is where the monetarist assumption of an exogenous money supply plays such a vital role.

Likewise, the Fed can shrink the money supply by selling the public a bond.

How changes in money supply affect aggregate demand is a highly controversial issue.

Generally, politicians believe that central bank officials are too stingy with the money supply and too concerned about inflation.



They borrowed more money for living expenses, then the second mortgage of £16,000 from a company call Dorend.

Shawn is discussing a want or need to borrow money .

The benefit to X from borrowing the money interest-free from the trust is thus his savings in tax of £4,000.

A growing country often needs to buy more than it sells and to borrow money for new projects and investment.

Julekha Hajij and her husband have lost £13,000 after borrowing the money from a bank.

Conceptually, leasing is similar to borrowing money to buy the asset.

Later Seius borrowed additional money from Titius.

Wood borrowed money from a Gallatin bank to purchase fifteen minutes of time on Nobles's show.


Reeves used the money to buy the best.

He checks I got enough money to buy the string, and then I go off.

The reason, Yunus discovered, was that she had to borrow money to buy the bamboo from a trader.

The money was used to buy equipment for the garden.

Some farmers made enough money to buy more land and survive drought years and stay in business.

Graham's father actually gave him the money to buy it from Brixton, after we'd been there to see it.

Conceptually, leasing is similar to borrowing money to buy the asset.


If you give credit two things will happen: it will cost you money and give you problems.

When the card issuers learned that the gimmicks were costing them money , their idea of creative thinking kicked in.

I don't know what good it did David in the long run because what it did was cost a lot of money .

This means future defense procurement contracts would cost the government less money , defense officials say.

There is only one solution and it costs money .

That will cost you some money , but it beats letting the customer stew while an employee hunts for a supervisor.

It was just costing them a lot of money in phone calls and train tickets to London.

Care for the barking man would cost money , and where would that come from?


Cool pool: Cold swimmers demanded their money back at the new Ponteland Leisure Centre after claiming the water was too cold.

Panhandlers always demanding money so they can sustain their lifestyles.

It was easier for them to demand money from the Government than argue plans past their local unions.

Crane arrested the unarmed man, who is accused of giving a teller a note demanding money .

Either they take food from markets without paying for it, or they demand money from you at roadblocks.

Even the policeman on the corner demanding money did not subdue the cheerfulness of hope.

The two men demanded money from Mr McErlean but he refused.

Larios said he cooperated when the masked bandit demanded money , but feared he might be shot anyway.


After that I realised that - like anyone else - I had to go on earning the money .

And few businesses have to be told to earn money rather than simply spending it.

Present value: If you delay paying a bill, you can earn interest on the money in the meantime.

He has to earn some money and bring that money home.

Between school hours he earned money cleaning and mending clocks and watches for a local clock-maker.

He earned money working in the prison kitchen, and used it to enroll in courses at Utah State College.

I went on the game this time and earned a bit of money there, and I did chequebooks and cards.

When they earned enough money , they would book passage around the Horn to California.


We haven't got the money for much radiology anyway.

Who gets the money could be complicated, say probate attorneys.

He gets his money back as soon as all the units are sold.

Davis, coming off an all-pro year, wants to get as much money as he can.

Everything was waiting for you; for a start you could get money left to you in a will.

Yeah: getting the money up front.

But if things go wrong, how easy is it to complain and get your money back?

The winner would get real money , for thousands of dollars of prize money were being put up.


Mr Schwartz promised to tell if he gave Freddy any further money or clothes.

She said not to give you any money .

Stylish, well made clothes that are practical, and always give great value for money .

Over the years Victor, Paquita and I all gave her money .

On the other hand, if you report all to me it may be that I shall give you money .

Some of the high-tech leaders, notably Doerr, gave money to Clinton and the Democrats in the last election.

Another messenger tells of the death of a lord who gave a lot of money to the church.

Aunt Ester give you more than money .


So long as it invested the money in buses, that was all right.

So it makes sense not to invest a lot of money .

Major record companies invest vast sums of money in new artists every year.

Rowling and his son Robert invested much of the money in real estate, including hotels.

You should sell some shares for cash and invest that money in other areas.

Come to think of it, even Hillary Rodham Clinton could learn something from Alexander about how to invest her money .

A mismatched, haphazard gang of pots looks terrible and it is worth investing some decent money in creating a cohesive style.


I do not expect my father to lend me money simply because he is a father.

This eventually passed. l lent him some money for the last time.

The association lends money to the world's very poorest countries.

Tuft's hospitals are heavily indebted to National Century, which lends money secured by hospital equipment and accounts receivable.

Banks would lend money more freely and, in fattening their own balance sheets, would feed credit-starved economies.

United California sued, and Prudential countered that it could not be compelled to lend money that obviously would not be repaid.

Mauve said no, he should get a bed: he would lend him the money .

Only way I can get the plane I need is you lend e the money to buy the other landing gear.


A back trouser pocket is the easiest pocket both to pick, and from which to lose either money or a wallet.

It showed the company that Orrick was willing to make a commitment to them by losing some money in the short run.

The boat skipper gives Kevin a choice - swim or struggle on in the bad weather and lose your money .

Many of these projects are now losing massive amounts of money and only survive with public subsidies.

He speculated and they lost all their money before the family grew up.

Like most biotechs, Agouron has lost money consistently as it poured funds into drug research.

But one day Winfield lost some money in the street.

But the proposals were rejected by Democratic legislators, who said the underfunded public school system would lose too much money .


Soon we were making more money than the car company was losing.

The idea is to make as much money as possible from news departments, sometimes to the detriment of truth and journalism.

At the same time, the top teams are committed to making as much money as possible.

The trader also made the money for Salomon Brothers.

All of life, with its problems: working, making money , loving.

We make a little money on the black market.

The best way to make money is to be a!

When they have a hot product, they make lots of money .


I still needed money so I had to carry on working the streets.

Now our job may be less demanding, or we may need less money and cut back to part-time work.

And pretty soon they won't need any money from the Government.

Yes, the Diamondbacks need the additional money so they can sign another ballplayer to another multi-million-dollar contract.

People need more money at Christmas, even crooks.

No sense in spending wildly now, I thought, when later we might need the money .

Mr. Leigh I agree with the hon. Gentleman to this extent - that the coal mining areas need this money .

Schools help students who need more money get a patchwork of private supplemental loans.


In fact, however, we now owe you money , since you were effectively acting as a salesman!

We get a lot better response from people who owe us money by signing our collection letter with the name Victor Sparducci.

He owed money to numerous tradesmen, here and in London.

All three are listed in the bankruptcy filing as owing Evergreen money .

The court held that the accused represented that the bank owed him the money and that he was entitled to withdraw it.

He had just gone into the aircraft repair business and owed money for the space he had leased.

The accused has not appropriated a thing in action, because the bank did not owe the money to anyone.

You have to resolve in your own mind who you want to owe this money to.


Now that's the kind of hyperreal simulacrum I'd have paid good money to watch.

If he succeeded in creating the illusion, the firm would pay him more money at the end of the year.

It is being paid by people whose money , as of 1 July, has been halved in value.

So why pay extra money in commissions for financial advice to get only an average return?

Passing the muck Sometimes these external costs are paid in money .

They pay a lot of money .

He did not pay the money he owed immediately.

Police suspect that foreign companies have paid guerrillas protection money to prevent them from blowing up remote oil pipelines and fields.


First, it has poured money into Xinjiang.

They pour money and staff time into the politicians' campaigns.

Since the federal government began pouring money and manpower into the Border Patrol here, experience also has become an issue.

The wheel kept spinning, the damned kept pouring away their money .

In addition, the company has soured some investors by pouring money into headlong expansion at the expense of earnings.


Should the monk provide her with this money she will repay him in whatever way he pleases.

He provided the necessary money for new costumes.

He provided the money to make this possible and it was at this time that Paul moved into Allen Street.

The residency provides scholarship money to send five Arizona high-school musicians to Washington for summer study at the Kennedy Center.

There is also the matter of who should provide the money .

They provide the money for his cronies.

Is this likely to provide value for money ?

The tenor of his argument was that the Parliament due to meet in February 1545 could not provide enough money in time.


Smiling, Aunt Margaret put the money away in a drawer which was the till.

A group of Texas businessmen would put up the money to bury the broadcast, he said.

The customer dialled the publication he wanted, put in his money , and out came the book.

It leads to a crime: Some one is murdering claimants and putting their insurance money to private use.

Marconi had to put all his own money into it for its survival.

Fernando Chico Pardo, a Carso director, says investors could consider putting money in the as-yet-unnamed holding company.

By putting their money as well as their trust into credit, they are in the long run paying more, not less.

They certainly are not prepared to put money into new ideas.


Second, to raise money for the 1996 campaign early.

Incumbents busy raising money for the next election are not inclined to waste energy rehashing the rules of the last campaign.

It raised the money through the placing of two million ordinary shares at just over £3 per share.

He raises money from investors to take companies public.

Clearly, the regions' powers to raise money have grown and are set to grow further.

Parishioners now have raised enough money to launch construction of the new cathedral.

Recently the microcomputers have been used for competitions during break-time to raise money for charity.


The offer is made when the proprietor of the machine holds it out as being ready to receive the money .

The school is one of 19 across the country to receive the modernization money .

It says it faces problems because it receives money for average rather than actual salaries.

Only Porter, Liddy and Magruder had received large amounts of money .

He signed a document stating that he received the money in full satisfaction of all claims in respect of personal injury.

None of the other complainants received money in the settlement.

She would never have received the money but for Mrs Marsden's inquiry.

However, Redmond and Manschreck acknowledged that they had not billed for or received any money for the advance planning.


Bigger classes and lower education standards are predicted as teachers are sacked to save money .

By measuring their return on investment, they understand when spending money will save them money.

Cheltenham Borough council says it wants to save money to meet spending limits but no final decision has yet been made.

Mountjoy said the new program will not immediately save the state money .

And, of course, cycling can save money and provide pleasure.

He saves his money , before you know it he owns a car.

It may save bands a lot of money .

You could save money at the post office then.


Money was being spent , but money could be accounted for.

Because we spend most of our money responding to fires, not preventing them.

If you have, it is wise to consider the following points before spending any money on computer equipment.

The most difficult discussions between the president and Congress right now concern how to spend all the money the government has.

With ready cash in your bank account you can spend the money as you want.

You are not going to spend a lot of money in a state that is squarely in his column.

Instead, they keep their fingers crossed and spend the money on hardware to enhance performance.

But he clearly spent money as fast as it came in.


Labour would throw money at industry.

You just throw money around and the more it grows wherever it falls.

Officialdom's response has been to throw more money at the problem.

People want to throw large sums of money at Craig, just to hear him talk in that folksy North Carolina drawl.

Combs said he did not see a man throwing money at him, an incident that the prosecution says sparked the clash.

Should the regents continue to throw good money after bad?

They are flash people who have money to throw about, and not all the money they throw about is honest money.

You could not just throw the money at the people.


And use the extra money to get those rear wheels working for a living.

Some, such as 19-year-old Christina Thompson, use the money to go to college.

Hundreds of copper crosses, used as money by the miners, are buried beneath the violet blooms.

Pinay Cuevas was not satisfied to use up the indemnity money to meet the needs of the moment.

He had used the money to hire smart clothes for his wedding.

Gibbs calls it a blatant violation of the federal Fair Housing Act, which forbids using federal money for gentrification.

It was the working class who wanted to use their money for flamboyant display.

The company will use the money to buy back short-term, high-interest debt.


Otherwise you are wasting your money !

This explains why public organizations get so bloated: our budget systems actually encourage every public manager to waste money .

You need to be sensible about buying components for stock though, or you will probably just waste a lot of money .

When this happens, strategic plans not only waste enormous time and money , they can become actual barriers to innovation.

Insufficient knowledge of the latter can waste a lot of money .

Failed projects waste money that might have been better spent elsewhere.

Don't waste time and money on house surveys until these questions have been examined thoroughly.

He was wasting her money as he handled these sketches.


I'm not made of money

"Why don't you move to a bigger house?" "I'm not made of money, you know!"

I can't buy you shoes as well - I'm not made of money!

a fool and his money are soon parted

be a waste of time/money/effort etc

An unrealistically low offer is a waste of time.

As I said, many of these divisions of investigation will be a waste of time.

But it was a waste of time.

He may protest to the auditor that this is a waste of time.

I feel annoyed, it is a waste of time.

Marx thought that scholarly contemplation was a waste of time.

Which was a waste of time really, because all I wanted to do was join Granpa on the barrow.

While some thought that they did a good job, a substantial minority felt that they were a waste of time.

be pressed for time/money etc

be pushed for time/money etc

be rolling in money/dough/cash/it

Mel Levine is rolling in dough.

After all, this man was a tycoon as well as a doctor; he must be rolling in money.

Because the people who are rolling in it certainly are.

careful with money

Napier hopes voters will remember that he's been careful with taxpayers' money.

And in those early days he was careful with money.

coin money/coin it (in)

easy money

The thought of easy money draws many people to drug dealing.

Disadvantages: Some part-timers regard Koi dealing as a way of making easy money.

In discussing the easy money prescription we have chosen a fairly extreme version of it, in part to get students excited.

Instead, he is expected to surrender one-third of the Championship and opt for some easy money.

Owing to legal changes, young barristers can no longer earn easy money on undefended divorces, which are now done by solicitors.

People will tell you you can make easy money.

Sincere spirit and moral authority count, not quick and easy money.

The easy money regime focused attention on monetary policy and contributed to the significance accorded to the money supply in later years.

The reason too much easy money and not enough dedication and genuine love for one's chosen work.

give sb a (good) run for their money

Slosser gave Boyd a run for his money in the 1996 GOP primary.

good value (for money)

All are good value at under £4.

And I think I received good values from the church.

Highly recommended and also good value for the region.

Political scribblers were usually better value than politicians, most of them being irreverent and much better informed.

The best values are the credit-card companies, and I like them all.

Vague objectives might include maintaining a market share or keeping up with technology or offering good value to the customer.

have a (good) run for your money

hot money

But when hot money chases hot pictures, can a crash be far away?

It was hot money - nicked from a sub post office in Southend three weeks ago.

Mr. Evans Does not it mean that we are the party of hot money, not hot air?

Second, it attracts hot money into the country to finance the current account deficit because investors perceive no currency risk.

it/money doesn't grow on trees

licence to print money

money/expense is no object

money/time etc to spare

All those below were too busy and had not time to spare to comfort him with a few minutes' companionship.

But with time to spare , we rummaged around.

I do not have the time to spare to meander through mountains.

They maintain the government will have money to spare by 2011.

Unfortunately, I haven't very much time to spare .

We don't smoke or drink, so we have some money to spare .

With time to spare , the Age Bulgers dominated all levels of politics and made sure their special interests came first.

money/time/space etc to play with

He had time for his garden, time to talk to his Stratford friends, time to play with his granddaughter Elizabeth.

Lennie knows he hasn't any time to play with if Boro are to stay in the big time.

Then it's time to play with the topper dinghies!

not for love or/nor money

I can't get a hold of that book for love nor money.

And you still can't get a good daily woman now to clean, not for love or money.

pots of money

It would also become clear which of the 70 pots of money were in high demand and which were irrelevant.

The counselor would then electronically graze the 70 categorical pots of money.

power-mad/money-mad/sex-mad etc

pump money into sth

However, measures to save the airline failed when Delta Air Lines refused to pump money into the ailing carrier.

Though the Fed pumped money into the banks, the money supply seemed not to budge much.

ready money/cash

He was only willing to sell it for ready cash.

Any peasant short of ready money now had to resort to a usurer.

Both have so far proved effective, which shows that ready cash is more versatile than credit cards and cheque books.

I pass up a roadside rest area, a happy hunting ground for new cars and ready cash.

Less need for travelers' checks at many destinations because of the growing availability of automated teller machines worldwide dispensing ready cash.

Phagu clipped the goats and wound the hair into skeins which he would sell for ready cash in town.

There is not so much ready cash in my treasury.

With ready cash in your bank account you can spend the money as you want.

see the colour of sb's money

show me the money

soft money

But they can give parties any amount of soft money.

By 1996, a total of $ 250 million in soft money had been given to the two parties.

Dole now backs a ban on PACs, soft money contributions and the use of dues to finance labor union donations.

I was sinking fast in the mire of soft money.

Is your toilet paper honestly the softest money can buy?

Of the soft money total, $ 2, 357, 259 went to the Republican party.

The study covered soft money gifts to the national, House and Senate committees of each major party.

the smart money is on sb/sth

throw money at sth

Combs said he did not see a man throwing money at him, an incident that the prosecution says sparked the clash.

Even so, Clinton is not exactly throwing money at the illiteracy problem.

Labour would throw money at industry.

time is money

For the developer, time is money.

It is often said that time is money, but it is seen as cost and not value.

My time is money for me and the firm.

Plus, it only takes seconds to connect up, and as time is money that's always important.

That costs time , and time is money.

That would be a waste of their time , and time is money.

They know time is money so they have a policy of buying it with yours and everyone else's. 5.

time/money/energy waster

Although it is easy to dismiss meetings as time wasters , the above indicates why you should take them seriously.

Cons: Writing with pen and paper is perhaps one of the greatest time wasters in the business world.

FoE pinpointed fridges, light bulbs, washing machines, dishwashers, televisions, and tumble driers as energy wasters .

Good experience and dedication, no time wasters .

Romantic as it may be, a fireplace without glass doors is a real energy waster .


"Are you coming out with us on Saturday?" "No, I'm trying to save money ."

Money isn't everything.

$250 is a lot of money .

Critics have described the project as "a complete waste of money ".

Dad, can I have some money to buy some new jeans?

Do you think these trainers are worth the extra money ?

Don't spend all your money on sweets.

Gillian said not to get any flowers - she thinks it's a waste of money .

He had made his money as a butcher in Kingstown.

He put the Italian money in a separate billfold.

I've left some money in the pot for your bus fare.

I enjoy the work, and I make good money .

I haven't got any money , if that's what you're after.

I spend far too much money on Christmas presents.

If she's got money to run a car, how come she gets the bus every day?

Leon dropped all his money on the floor.

My grandmother left me all her money when she died.

Shall I give you some money for petrol?

She wastes an awful lot of money on expensive clothes.

The committee is meeting to discuss how the money should be spent this year.


For larger corporations, direct participation in the money market may still be cost effective.

He had no money , but wanted to be near his parents.

Instead, he donated the money to the needy.

Raymond Campbell wants to join Linfield not just for money !

Smiles quoted Benjamin Haydon as dating his decline from the day he first borrowed money .

The unreadiness of governments to put money where the minister's mouth is, however notorious, not the issue.

Then the police will start spending the money on helicopters and speedboats.

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