Meaning of MONEY in English

I. ˈmənē, -ni noun

( plural moneys or monies )

Usage: often attributive

Etymology: Middle English moneye, from Middle French moneie, from Latin moneta mint, coin, money — more at mint

1. : something generally accepted as a medium of exchange, a measure of value, or a means of payment

have used gold, copper, wampum, or cattle for money


a. : officially coined or stamped metal currency

b. : money of account

a coin worth less than a penny in our money

c. : coinage or negotiable paper issued as legal tender by a recognized authority (as a government)

took some money from her purse to pay him

storekeepers who would accept foreign money



(1) : assets or compensation in the form of or readily convertible to cash : monetary possessions

can lose or make a lot of money in that business

allowed to accept money for their services

: pecuniary gain

do the job for love or money

: pay

gets good money in that job

(2) : property valued in terms of money

died and left all his money to charity

b. : an amount of money

raised the money for the new dormitory

returned the money you lent him

spent all the food money before payday

: price paid

got his money ' s worth

c. : capital dealt in as a commodity to be loaned or invested

this year … mortgage money is much more plentiful

the money supply in the country today

money ' s cheap these days, particularly on the security we'd be able to offer — John Morrison

d. monies or moneys plural : sums of money : funds

the collection of tax monies

the servants brawled and stole the royal moneys — Life

taking interest for moneys lent — G.G.Coulton


a. : a particular form or denomination of coin or paper money — usually used in plural

copying the patterns of the moneys … current at the time of the Roman evacuation — John Craig

b. : a monetary value (as the silver dollar, pound sterling) taken as the basis of a system of monetary units


a. : the group receiving prize money in a contest ; specifically : the group finishing first, second, or third in a horse or dog race — used especially in the phrase in the money or out of the money

b. : prize money — usually used with first, second, or third

his horse took third money

5. : persons or interests possessing or controlling great wealth regarded as a group or class : moneyed people

there's a lot of money in that town

politicians at the beck and call of money

- for money

- for one's money

- in the money

- money for jam


II. transitive verb

( moneyed ; moneyed ; moneying ; moneys )

1. : coin

2. : to convert into money by sale

3. : to supply with money

III. noun

- on the money

IV. ˈmənē, -ni adjective

: being, involving, or reliable in a crucial situation

a money situation

a money player

his money pitch

Webster's New International English Dictionary.      Новый международный словарь английского языка Webster.