Meaning of MOTOR in English

(CAR) [adjective] [before noun; not gradable] [esp. UK and ANZ] - connected with cars or other vehicles which have engines and use roads (UK) This has been a difficult year for the motor industry/trade (= businesses which make and sell cars).(UK) They were involved in a motor accident (= an accident involving cars).(UK) Everyone who owns a car must have motor insurance.Motor car is formal for car.The motor car is responsible for much of the pollution in our cities today.A motor home (UK also motor caravan) is a large vehicle which contains kitchen equipment, tables, seats, beds, etc., and is used for holidays instead of staying in hotels, or sometimes for living in.They've bought a motor home to go touring around Europe.See picture: TrucksMotor lodge is US for motel.Motor racing is the sport of racing extremely fast and powerful cars around roads which have usually been specially designed for this purpose.He's a former world motor racing champion.A motor scooter (scooter) is a very light motorcycle, with small wheels, a covered engine, usually at the back, and a wide curved covering at the front which protects the legs of the person riding it.(formal or legal) The council has forbidden motor vehicles (= vehicles which have engines) from entering the city centre.

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