Meaning of MOTOR in English

I. noun


car/motor insurance

He was fined for driving without motor insurance.

inboard motor/engine

motor car

motor home

motor neurone disease

motor pool

motor racing

motor scooter

motor vehicle

This road is closed to motor vehicles.

motor/car/aircraft etc spares

a shortage of aircraft spares

outboard motor

starter motor




I wonder: is there something wrong with the electric seat motors or should they sound like they have sand in them?

While submerged, batteries power an electric motor that drives the propeller.

Problems with the electric motor caused the mechanism to jam many times.

The shell raising and lowering mechanism was overhauled and a new electric motor fitted with modern gearing and cable adjusting devices.

The cells will drive electric motors and use on-board hydrogen gas as fuel.

It is this force that translates electricity into rotation in an electric motor .

Close at hand, an electric motor began to whirr, and Floyd felt himself moving.


These repetitive simultaneous pressure waves usually occurred together with the lower oesophageal sphincter component of the migrating motor complex.

Normal motility of the small intestine in the fasting state is characterised by the cyclical appearance of the migrating motor complex.

Recently, a rectal motor complex that is not synchronous with or related to the migrating motor complex was reported.

The migrating motor complex consists of a cyclical period of activity with a length of about 120 minutes in man.


There were many anchored wooden boats with large outboard motors , but strangely, there were few fishing nets.

He has asked us to buy him an outboard motor instead of giving cash.

Foot steering of the outboard motor means that military users can keep both hands free to use weapons.

All he needs is an outboard motor to go with it.

It was cleaned, its seats and cockpit replaced, and a steering wheel, controls and outboard motor installed.

The two of us, maybe some others, are going to hire a boat with an outboard motor and perch rods.

The answer is an electric outboard motor .

Went outside this morning and saw Noel pissing on the outboard motor .


In the fields of mental energy, these exist as the sensory and motor indriyas, as we have discussed.

During this stage, behavior is primarily sensory and motor .

So the sensory and motor indriyas of all creatures are closely integrated within the mind structure of a creature.

The sensory and motor indriyas are an integral part of the internal mind configuration of all living creatures.

This involves a substantial intercalation of neurons to form an association area between the sensory and motor parts of the elementary brain.


It also contains four small motors to separate the boosters from the shuttle about two minutes into the flight.

Mabuchi Motor, a maker of small electric motors , serves 70 percent of its customers with only 20 different products.

A new car may contain as many as 115 small electrical motors and have three miles of wiring.

I pass the lock-up garages and the grease-blackened signs that indicate some small motor repair workshops.

The arm juts out of a ball, and is connected to a couple of small motors .


A stepping motor control program flowchart is shown in Fig. 6.11.

Accurate load positioning: static torque characteristics 3.1 Introduction Most stepping motor applications involve accurate positioning of a mechanical load.

The hybrid stepping motor has two phases which are excited by positive or negative currents.

The motor is basically a closed-loop hydraulic control system which derives its input from a small conventional electrical stepping motor.

These dips occur in many stepping motor systems and are caused by mechanical resonance in the motor/load combination.

These secondary flux paths produce mutual coupling between the phase windings of the single-stack stepping motor .

As an example Fig. 8.3 shows the flowchart for the control of a two-phase hybrid-type stepping motor by an eight-bit microprocessor.



That was a case which arose out of injuries in a motor accident .

He was called in at short notice due to the unfortunate motor accident involving Design Director, Bill Naysmith.

They had two sons, the elder of whom died in a motor accident in 1960.

That summer of 1959 Elizabeth's son, Renny, was appallingly injured in a motor accident .


In contrast, infusion of taurodeoxycholic acid at these concentrations inhibited ileal motor activity .

This shows the presence of a humoral inhibitor of ileal motor activity .

These findings suggested that bile and taurodeoxycholic acid directly inhibited ileal motor activity .

Figure 1 illustrates the effect of infusion of rabbit bile into the ileal lumen on carbachol stimulated motor activity .

Non-deglutitive motor activity of the oesophagus is usually considered to be a sign of disordered motility.

Figure 1 summarises motor activity at all stages of the experiments.

It also inhibits motor activity induced by rectal distention and increases sensory thresholds for defaecation in patients with the irritable bowel syndrome.


I've been back loads of times and I keep seeing this man on a motor bike .

But for some reason I can not remember, it was impossible to get permission to ship the motor bike .

Unfortunately he was hit by a motor bike .

The plaintiff was a pillion passenger on a motor bike driven by the defendant.

Others roared over the sands in newly-designed Land Rovers, on revolutionary dune buggies and motor bikes .

From a safe distance he saw him rev up a motor bike and ride away.

It turned out that Dana had simply left his old motor bike on the quayside before embarking on the ship.

Your second-hand motor bike was always breaking down.


The porpoises delight in riding on the bow waves of motor boats , which has frequently proved to be a fatal mistake.

We clung helplessly to the upturned optimist until rescued by the instructor with a motor boat .

The harbour is used by local fishermen, yachtsmen, motor boat and rowing enthusiasts.

Northwich Northwich is an unpowered narrowboat which was towed by horse or a motor boat .

What was the best method of disabling a motor boat , temporarily, at least?


The latter now choose to use what they regard as the more salubrious transportation of the motor car or the aeroplane.

There is now a very efficient motor car on the market with a wooden chassis.

The development of the motor car is an excellent example of these shifting standards and expectations.

And there, bumping and jolting its roaring way up the track towards the house was a motor car .

It was he who had provided Eric with Mussolini's motor car and a chauffeur.

Motability, the organisation formed for the purpose, now has a fleet of over 350,000 motor cars on the road.

He has achieved little since November besides getting to know the gadgets in the presidential motor cars .

Consider a person purchasing a new motor car .


He opened the throttle, blasting the motor cycle broadside into the culvert.

He dropped the gangplank over the stern and wheeled the motor cycle down.

Many top speedway riders will be pitting their skills in the National motor cycle grass track meeting.

He scrubbed out the map with his boot before remounting the motor cycle .

We already have a car, motor cycle and bicycle lined up, but we need some one for the bus and train.

Some of their multi-cylinder motor cycle engines have pistons little bigger than thimbles.

When we came to Préfleur I asked Jean-Claude if he would teach me to drive the motor cycle .


The effects of serotonin on gastrointestinal motor function are generally believed to be mediated through myenteric plexus neurons.

Colonic motor function has also been investigated with electromyography, the electrodes being attached to the mucosa in the intact human.

Thus research into colonic motor function remains a challenging and potentially rewarding area where progress has been facilitated by recent technological advances.

Acid clearance time is a useful index of impaired oesophageal motor function .

The genesis of abdominal pain or disordered bowel habit is generally ascribed to abnormal colonic motor function .

Despite research contributions for many countries the normal and pathological motor function of the colon remains poorly understood.

We conclude that autonomic neuropathy can affect motor functions throughout the gastrointestinal tract.

The relations between dopamine and motor functions were analyzed.


In the aerospace and motor industry contexts, composites use different components but deploy them to similar ends.

Parts Another of its larger contracts involves the movement of car parts to and from the motor industry in Coventry.

The first is the wide variation in specification and finish that are standard practice in the motor industry .

Today due to the decline in the motor industry , it's a shadow of its former self.

Typical areas of investment by foreigners were the motor industry , cement and tobacco production, and, increasingly, gold-mining.

But the new Accord comes at a crisis time for the motor industry .

We are participating in a number of oil and motor industry programmes that are addressing key environmental issues in our markets.

Furthermore, what support can he give to the motor industry ?


If you want to suspend this policy you must send your certificate of motor insurance back to us.

Switch from comprehensive to third party motor insurance if your car's value has fallen far enough.

It specialises in motor insurance and has doubled the number of policies it sells each year as well as moving into household insurance.

By 1990 motor insurance had kept in line with average earnings and risen to £223.

With motor insurance zooming in cost, this could give you a valuable saving.


Their many satisfied customers include gas and electricity companies, motor manufacturers , circuit board makers and steam railway maintenance organisations.

It says that it has been urging motor manufacturers to make cars more secure since 1961.

The real villains of the piece are the motor manufacturers .

Electric motor manufacturer Team Rewinds has taken on Mike Osman, 49, in the newly created post of works manager.

A motor manufacturer needs to retain an airline for the short notice movement of components, bulky and/or high value.


The nervous control of the gill withdrawal reflex is a simple unit of one sensory neuron and one motor neuron.

When the sensory neuron is stimulated, it fires the motor neuron, and the siphon and gills are withdrawn.


Patients' records with a diagnosis of motor neurone disease at any position on the record were identified.

In addition, help is required for motor neurone disease patients with swallowing disorders.

I have had motor neurone disease for practically all my adult life.

It was a very great shock to me to discover that I had motor neurone disease.

But he suffers from motor neurone disease and needs twenty-four hour care.

The findings presented here can provide only indirect evidence about any possible adverse effect of cimetidine on motor neurone disease.


They're angry the motor racing team hasn't been able to improve on the reportedly £7million offer to tempt him back.

But this beautifully illustrated book also provides a wonderful series of anecdotes from Edwards' life in motor racing .

Sponsorship is important for such sporting activities as: golf, football, cricket and motor racing .

Mansell has not embarked upon his twelfth full season in Grand Prix motor racing .

In all respects, 1976 was an extraordinary year for Master James and for motor racing .

It was one of the least gracious occasions I recall in my years in motor racing .

A family link with Bira and Chula, the racing Siamese princes, pushed his interest towards motor racing.

One of the greatest partnerships in motor racing was formed in 1964 when Stewart and Ken Tyrell teamed up.


Without losing any time, she leaned forward ready to start up the rocket motors .

Last summer, Thiokol reported singeing of O-ring seals located in the nozzles of rocket motors after consecutive launches.

A particularly simple form of rocket motor uses solid propellant.

The plant makes and tests rocket motors , but doesn't have enough new orders to keep going.

After one second, controls in the nozzle of the rocket motor start steering the missile on to the proper trajectory.

The sound of the rocket motors died away.

A rocket motor failed and the spacecraft did not reach its intended orbit.


The Birmingham motor show attracted 656,702 visitors.


Outdoor pursuits, photography, watching motor sport .

There are two people Mario always said had the deepest influence on his life in motor sport .

Get on the grid for live motor sport coverage!

So how does it feel, Mosley was asked, to control world motor sport ?

Was this man running for president of the top body in world motor sport ?

I have known others like Jackie, not in motor sport but in other areas.

He has also been able to indulge his interest in motor sport through his work for the Order.

The Prodrive motor sport team in Banbury has taken on one of its most testing projects yet.


My Fiat Panda has a similar ignition fault which I have diagnosed to be a disengaged starter motor .

The electric starter motor whined shrilly.

The turning of the car's starter motor was an ugly and unwelcome sound in the stillness of the forest.

Working with Cadillac engineers, Kettering created the starter motor , using the flywheel to turn over the engine.

The starter motor worked perfectly and soon became a much sought-after Cadillac feature quickly adopted by all car makers.


He gave the impression of having little time for the Member, despite Grunte's many years spent in the motor trade .

The motor trade is still in a very precarious state, with many dealers just treading water and others going bust.

Any fiscal measures dampening demand for new cars will only increase unemployment in the motor trade .

Only motor trade , legal expenses and professional indemnity covers are not available.


The latest survey was conducted between March 13 and April 8 and was completed by 520 retailers, wholesalers and motor traders .

He and a motor trader got together to deceive the finance company.

It would arise if the motor trader were the agent of the finance company in dealing with the customer.

Career motor trader and garage owner.

The holder of the licence must be a motor trader , vehicle tester or vehicle manufacturer.

He and the motor trader filled in the usual forms.

Retailers, wholesalers and motor traders all expect their businesses to become worse over the next three months.

She went to a motor trader who told her this could be done.


Proof that the motor vehicle required a test certificate is often overlooked.

They are largely removed from motor vehicles by catalytic converters.

He sat back in the motor vehicle as the Doctor noticeably increased the speed of the journey.

However, there are more substantial differences in the number of motor vehicles visible.

The answer is, of course, to reduce the number of private motor vehicles .

Has he had any discussions with motor vehicle insurers?

I have included all accidents involving at least one motor vehicle , sometimes these will also have included pedestrians or cyclists.

The study by the California Air Resources Board attributes the improvement to strict emission controls on motor vehicles and factories.


Sheets in, he bore away from the motor yacht .

This one concerned a motor yacht making a run with spirits from the Channel Isles.

Sailing yachts 31-53 feet, motor yachts 37-46 feet, plus an extensive range of crewed sail and motor yachts 42-120 feet.

By Cairnbaan only three motor yachts had puttered by.

White-hulled, she was a sleek ninety-foot Baglietto motor yacht .

Easing Golden Girl up under mainsail, Trent watched the motor yacht roll gently in the swell.



And driving a motor caravan is a real pleasure with more than enough power to keep on going.

The cells will drive electric motors and use on-board hydrogen gas as fuel.

The signals received by the loop and the sense unit also drive a motor which turns the loop.

As a boy, he briefly jammed his finger into gears driven by that motor .

Solar energy is converted by cells on the Solar Car's flanks to drive its electric motor and recharge its back-up batteries.

No deduction is made in respect of the joint portion because, for example, one can not buy or drive half a motor car.

When we came to Préfleur I asked Jean-Claude if he would teach me to drive the motor cycle.

Tins can be an important consideration in applications where the power available to drive the motor is limited.


Engineering is not a glamorous pursuit, nor does Swindon produce the final glossy motor car which might lure potential workers.

The phase current can not be maintained at its rated value and therefore the torque produced by the motor is reduced.


Without losing any time, she leaned forward ready to start up the rocket motors .

Slim Gordon started the motors and they were off, taxiing into position.

Despite the bitter night he lowered his window before starting the motor .

This could have had unfortunate consequences, so we started up the motor and went on towards the beach.

Lord Beverley helped me up into the passenger seat and began the long business of starting the motor .

Not worth starting up the motors .

Sweetman, safe under Dream Baby's canopy, was starting his motors .

Grant starts the motor and makes soup of the jellyfish.


Expresspost is a fast messenger collection and delivery service available in London using radio controlled motor cycles and vans.

The scanner accepts one sheet of paper at a time, which it pulls through the keyboard using a tiny motor .

I used to do this with my more experienced pilots using the Falke motor glider on the runway at Lasham.


I got out of the car but left the motor running.

Just then, the motor failed and the boat began drifting out of control.

The ceiling fan is powered by an electric motor .

The fan's motor made a funny popping sound.


Lord Beverley helped me up into the passenger seat and began the long business of starting the motor .

The circuit only sends the motor an impulse when the sensor's output is different from the required setting.

The heavier the motors, the bigger the batteries needed to power it.

The supply also had to power some huge electric motors, and some of these were constantly switching in and out.

II. adjective




Motor cars are rarely called motor cars.

A few years ago, it was motor cars and the computer age.

In the 1960s planners even proposed to fill in the Grand Canal to allow motor cars to drive down it.

The early post-war years saw a rapid rise in prosperity and with it a desire to own motor cars .

There are fifty times as many Singer sewing machines as motor cars in Koraloona.

The Wall Street crash of 1929 did not mean the end of radio or prevent the spread of the motor car .


McLaren started the trend a few years ago by bringing along a motor home which, when parked, then expanded skywards.

The Black Hills: winding roads, motor homes , smell of gift-shop candles.

As the motor home culture exploded, the Oxfordshire company moved easily into this luxury market.

Two years ago he sold it to Harley-Davidson for an undisclosed amount of money and a 30-foot motor home .

Coming out of the motor home , she is staggering.

The thing is, a lot of people find a motor home vacation more enjoyable.

Among them will be a pair of motor homes , one for the team and one for the engine manufacturer.

He is not, however, selling his old motor home .


In Ugaraspitiya, residents said armed men poured motor oil into ballot boxes.


We stayed with our chargers, in the motor pool .


He drove the motor scooter through the school playground and then to the Presbyterian parking lot.

Bob Darnell lives and breathes motor scooters .


A child with good perceptual motor skills will effortlessly copy the sentence on the blackboard on to the paper at her desk.

But a child with poor perceptual motor skills has to separate out each step in her mind.

Memory for motor skills is often called procedural memory.


And a stroke that suddenly killed perhaps 30 percent of the neurons in the motor strip would also cause paralysis.

It showed a tumor in the frontal lobe in a very awkward place: close to the motor strip and language areas.

Humans have a lot of prefrontal cortex, compared to dolphins, whose motor strip is far forward in the brain.

Neurons discharging in the cortical motor strip cause focal movements of the contralateral extremities.

Alongside the motor strip , but just to its rear, is the sensory strip.

The texts show typical maps of the sensory strip and the motor strip, but patients exhibit a lot of variability.

George must have stimulated the motor strip .

And the motor strip is part of the frontal lobe, forming its rear border with the parietal lobe.


To do this, infants use their motor systems to produce a variety of purposeful actions and behaviors.

So much of schoolwork in the early grades involves the motor system that it is easy to overlook other areas of competence.

To help him learn to regulate his motor system , games that combine slow and fast movements work well.


Where motor vehicles are concerned, the problems are different.

Later, I learned that not one of these men owned a motor vehicle .

Will we see one day the government insisting that games have time limiters the way that some motor vehicles have speed limiters?

More people are surviving, experts say, because of improvements in trauma care and motor vehicle safety.

BHouseholds in the West also had the greatest risk of property Bcrime, which is theft, motor vehicle theft and burglary.

For several decades the number of deaths resulting from motor vehicle accidents per 100, 000 population has increased.

The country's economy relies on high added-value sectors such as electronics, pharmaceuticals and motor vehicles .

The bill also would restrict the release of Social Security numbers by state motor vehicle departments.


motor oil

a motor vehicle

The disease results in impaired motor function.


A sound like a brief, deep blast from a motor horn was the only response.

But isn't it time insurance companies started to treat home insurers the same way as motor insurers?

Coming out of the motor home, she is staggering.

For several decades the number of deaths resulting from motor vehicle accidents per 100, 000 population has increased.

Later, I learned that not one of these men owned a motor vehicle.

McLaren started the trend a few years ago by bringing along a motor home which, when parked, then expanded skywards.

Some economists feel deep disquiet at the use of food grains to produce motor spirit.

III. verb




Ships embrace their own scenario, the sea; and so do motor cars and teapots.


I motored out to deeper water.


Then the breakers were all astern and Terrie was coming round to starboard to motor up the back of the reef.

True, motoring has a few drawbacks.

We then motored rather quickly across to the bay and got the rods into action.

With epic nonchalance I motored north.

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