Meaning of MOTOR in English


[mo.tor] n [L, fr. movere to move] (1586) 1: one that imparts motion; specif: prime mover

2: any of various power units that develop energy or impart motion: as a: a small compact engine b: internal-combustion engine; esp: a gasoline engine c: a rotating machine that transforms electrical energy into mechanical energy

3: motor vehicle; esp: automobile -- mo.tor.dom n -- mo.tor.less adj

[2]motor adj (1840) 1 a: causing or imparting motion b: of, relating to, or being a motoneuron or a nerve containing motoneurons "~ fiber" c: of, relating to, concerned with, or involving muscular movement "~ areas of the brain"

2. a: equipped with or driven by a motor b: of, relating to, or involving an automobile c: designed for motor vehicles or motorists [3]motor vi (1896) 1: to travel by automobile: drive

2: to move or proceed at a vigorous steady pace "~ed down the field for a touchdown" ~ vt: to transport by automobile

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