Meaning of MOTOR in English


n. & v.


1. a thing that imparts motion.

2 a machine (esp. one using electricity or internal combustion) supplying motive power for a vehicle etc. or for some other device with moving parts.

3 Brit. motor car.

4 (attrib.) a giving, imparting, or producing motion. b driven by a motor (motor-mower). c of or for motor vehicles. d Anat. relating to muscular movement or the nerves activating it.

--v.intr. & tr. Brit. go or convey in a motor vehicle.

Phrases and idioms:

motor area the part of the frontal lobe of the brain associated with the initiation of muscular action. motor bicycle a motor cycle or moped. motor bike colloq. motor cycle. motor boat a motor-driven boat. motor car Brit. see CAR 1. motor cycle a two-wheeled motor-driven road vehicle without pedal propulsion. motor cyclist a rider of a motor cycle. motor mouth US sl. a person who talks incessantly and trivially. motor nerve a nerve carrying impulses from the brain or spinal cord to a muscle. motor scooter see SCOOTER. motor vehicle a road vehicle powered by an internal-combustion engine.


motorial adj. (in sense 4a of n.). motory adj. (in sense 4a of n.).

Etymology: L, mover (as MOVE)

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