Meaning of MUD in English


[noun] [U] - earth that has become wet and stickyThe heavy rain caused a landslide of mud and stones.The vehicles got bogged down in the heavy mud.Her bicycle was caked with (= covered with dry) mud.The soldiers squelched (= moved noisily) through the mud.The pigs were wallowing (= lying) in the mud.Modern houses have replaced the one-room mud huts with grass roofs that had been home to generations of peasants.These mud flats (= level ground near the sea) are a site of special scientific interest.If you hurl/throw/sling mud at someone you say insulting or unfair things about them, esp. to try to damage their reputation.Although no hint of the scandal has stuck to him, there are still people willing to throw mud in his direction.Business relationships suffered from the mud-slinging, muck-raking and bad blood of the takeover war.The court cleared him of fraud - but mud sticks (= a bad reputation is hard to lose).A mud pie is a small round shape made of mud by children playing.Mud wrestling is a sport in which one woman fights with another woman in mud by holding her and trying to make her fall, while men watch.

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