Meaning of PHOTO in English


(PHOTOGRAPH) [noun] [C] [plural] photos [informal] - a photographShe took a lot of photos of the kids.Would you like to see my holiday/wedding photos?A photo album is a type of book in which you keep photos.I spent the evening looking at some of my old photo albums.A photo call is when people at a formal event are asked to go and have their photograph taken together, or when photographers are officially invited to take photographs of a famous person.After the conference, there was the usual photo call for everybody involved.A photo finish in a race is a finish in which two or more of the people or animals taking part are so close that a photograph has to be examined in order to discover who has won.A photo frame is a metal rectangle which frames a photo. It usually has an extra part at the back which supports it at an angle on a horizontal surface.See picture: FramesA photo session is a short period of time arranged for newspaper photographers to take photographs of politicians, leaders of countries or other famous people.

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