Meaning of PHOTO in English




a cover photo/shot (= picture on the front cover )

The picture became the July 4th cover shot.

a passport photograph/photo

a photo opportunity (= a chance to take a good photograph, especially of a particular person )

Parents will always look for good photo opportunities at their kid's graduation ceremony.

a photo session (= when someone is photographed for a magazine etc )

I normally have two or three photo sessions a week.

holiday photos ( also holiday snaps informal ) (= photographs that you take when you are on holiday )

Do you want to see our holiday snaps?

photo booth

photo finish

photo opportunity

photo shoot

photo shoot

a photo shoot sponsored by Kodak

take a picture/photograph/photo

Would you mind taking a photo of us together?




Mia was stunned when she found nude photos of 21-year-old Soon-Yi taken in Woody's apartment.

But it would not be impossible to get a nude photo printed at a Perfecta lab.

Soon-Yi told friends that Mia went wild after finding nude photos of her in film-maker Allen's Manhattan apartment.

He suggested taking nude photos of her.

He turns down a small side alley where the scene is quieter, with fewer glaring neon signs and nude photo displays.


I stare at the screen while they show a grainy old black-and-white photo of me, younger, with longer hair.

I remembered the old photo of Grandma Nell holding my five-year-old dad in that open-cockpit biplane.

The old photos of Maggie, straight and young and demure though she looks, make it worse.

Leave the old photos where they are, she says.

Probably in an old photo of Lennon banging out barre-chords in some dive off the Reeperbahn.

Some of the children depicted in the older photos are likely in college by now, or adults with their own children.

Nicholas Finck of San Francisco says he determines the age of old photos with a pendulum.


Black and white and colour photos .

Black-and-#white photo on the front.

More than 350 colour and black and white photos , and illustrations.

The black-and-#white photos throughout are windows into another time.

One of the black and white photos pictures only the lower bodies and legs of people in a crowd.

Black and white photos and illustrations.



He is perched uncomfortably on a settee with a photo album on his knee.

I want you to look at this photo album while we wait for the gyms to open.

He ran the torch over the shelves cabinets table drawers but there were no more photographs and no obvious photo albums .

Hence photo albums , souvenirs, diaries.

Sally would leave photos of herself in a special photo album for Hannah and call home frequently.

You will need plain photo album luggage labels.

I went through the photo album ten, eleven times, seeing nothing.


I had to take my picture in one of them photo booths .

A man sits on the floor, his back against a photo booth , with a plastic bag beside him.

She bought six first-class stamps, took a pound coin from her purse and went into the automatic photo booth .

I told him all about Marie and showed him the pictures we took in that photo booth .


All you need to do is send a color photo of yourself, and you can be an animated video star.

It combines a pocket guide featuring color photos and hundreds of detailed listings with a full-size map for $ 10.

The photograph has faded, as fifties color photos do, to a kind of sepia.

This is a great catalog, full of information and color photos .


Underwater colour photos of 139 species.

Black and white and colour photos .

Includes 120 colour photos and information on each of the eight groups.

Includes more than 790 colour photos .

Most of the notorious grade anomalies have been ironed out and the colour photos should whet people's appetites.

She had a target with a blown-up colour photo of him on it.

I could take some colour photos of myself in the whole ensemble and maybe send Marcus one.


Here the officials checked your number and gave you your side number, for the photo finish .


Your basic bad hair day at the photo lab .

When she did, on Nov. 2, two plainclothes detectives reported to the photo lab near Kendall Square.


Often the local press are looking more for a photo opportunity than a story.

During the talks, a news blackout eliminated contact with the press except for photo opportunities .

Never have soundbites, photo opportunities and spin mattered so much.

You get great photo opportunities on this tour and interesting commentary from the guide.

It's just that Diana hogs all the photo opportunities .

Dole has been more adept at seizing photo opportunities in his out-of-town forays.

And Mr Ashdown has been projected in photo opportunities across Britain as the best leader the country will never have.

Most never really progress beyond the photo opportunity stage of involvement.


The car was driven straight from a studio photo session to the world's fastest track.

If you do a photo session and you look ridiculous, it's just one day, you move on.

He had not enjoyed that photo session either, but he disliked this even more.

Their main studio and office is located at and they will be offering on-the-spot make-overs and photo sessions .


During the photo shoot , a slow stream of curious tourists and bonafide fans wander up for autographs.

I do the photo shoots for the covers.

The Annie Leibovitz photo shoot went great.

I knew how to juggle photo shoots , prepare catalogs, everything.

The rest of the day is a blur of photo shoots , speeches, interviews and endless briefings with his managers.



It combines a pocket guide featuring color photos and hundreds of detailed listings with a full-size map for $ 10.

These magazines regularly feature comparative photos of men in outfits that look virtually identical.

The page featured a photo of Joe looking over a piece of copy, cigarette in hand.


Will reply to all letters received-Please include photos if possible.

There should be more than one copy of an inventory, including receipts and photos .


Often the local press are looking more for a photo opportunity than a story.

I looked at the photo again.

She had never wanted to look at those photos for too long.

I want you to look at this photo album while we wait for the gyms to open.

I'd like people to look at my photos and feel good about themselves and want to do something beautiful themselves.

At the base, we're looking at the photos of celebrity climbers.

He looked at the photo , and then he looked at Carl carefully and for a long time.


In sports bars, they tout the splendid qualities of ice-brewing, while posing for photos and signing autographs.

She was introduced to Jamie Lee Curtis and posed for photos with the actress' daughter.


She looked at it and saw the photo of Harald and Carl.

I have seen photos of saxophones being played at pentecostal revivals as early as 1910.

But nobody noticed the sinister shape at Decatur, Alabama, until recently, when local newsmen saw an aerial photo .

And then 1 saw the news photos .

It is obvious to see from the photos that nuff of them were rushing out of their heads!

He said he saw the photo of the wood-toting mule and immediately developed an interest in it.

They weren't supposed to have seen the photos .

I saw the photos last week and they were so detailed I could recognize the terrain.


At last, loads of you have sent in your photos .

All you need to do is send a color photo of yourself, and you can be an animated video star.

If you're slim, honest and have a good sense of humour then send your photos to this lovesick laddie.

Or send a photo of your younger siblings and watch their faces light up when they see themselves in this animated adventure.

Maybe some one will send them a photo of a lung or a heart, or a limp you-know-what.

Doesn't matter what creed or colour you are, as long as you are mad! 16-18. Send photo and letter now.

The Curator sends recent photos and Branch understands that he must study them, although they do not pertain to the case.


We show him photos and a movie of his home town when he was a kid.

He never mentioned the fact that Tucson detectives had shown him her photo .

Each year group described a recent trip and showed photos and work they had done.

He showed jurors photos of Simpson wearing gloves identical to the pair apparently used in the murders.

He also showed the photo of Tweed you sent over with the courier who travelled here by night ferry.

Courtroom spectators had to pass through two metal detectors and show photo identification.

As Koons shows the photos to me during an interview in his Greenwich Village apartment, I feel embarrassed for him.


Who snapped intimate photos of him? 2.

He longed to snap photos of every child and monk he saw, but was uncertain how to work his new camera.


He grunted as Meyer took the two photos from the envelope delivered by secret courier.

He had left it behind, Jing said, but took the photos of Las Vegas with him.

I took a photo of him through the glass.

Out front, stuck in the lawn by the walk, was a sign announcing that he took passport photos .

But there is no escaping authenticity when the author has taken the photos himself.

What about children taking naked photos of each other?

As I took a photo , Igor said it looked like Kosovo.

As soon as somebody takes a photo , I shall send you one.


a photo album


I requested a photo of one establishment, and it appeared on my screen.

In addition, it can be difficult to judge the quality of some merchandise from a photo on a Web page.

Private photos never seen before by the public.

Suppose she did carry his photo with the horse, not Fiona's, who's the owner, after all.

The correct item was the one following either a photo frame, a vase or a window.

The other photos on this fantasy book cover are of the people who allowed me to draw portraits of their lives.

They were obtained by writing to the actors or the studios and asking for a signed photo .

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