Meaning of PLOUGH in English

through (FORCE), US usually plow [phrasal verb] [T] - to force (your way), or to continue (doing something), although it is difficultTo plough through something is to go through it with difficulty.We ploughed through the mud. [I]I've got an enormous pile of papers to plough through (= to read, although it will be difficult and take a long time). [I]You'll never manage to plough through (= eat) all that food. [I]To plough your way through something is the same as to plough through it.He ploughed his way through the forest. [T]I've been up all night, ploughing my way through this report. [T]Although they could hardly see where they were going, they ploughed on (= continued moving) through the night. [I]He could see that she didn't like what he was saying, but he ploughed on (= continued with it) regardless. [I]I think it would be a mistake to plough on (= continue) with this scheme - we can see that it'll never work. [I]If a vehicle ploughs into something or someone, it continues moving so that it hits the thing or person, causing damage.Many people were injured when the train came off the rails and ploughed into the bank. [I]

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