Meaning of PLOUGH in English

I. noun


a ploughed field

It was difficult walking across the ploughed field.

plough a field (= make long deep lines in the ground so that you can grow crops )

The farmer was using a tractor to plough the field.

snow plough

a snow plough turn




After a few falls we all managed to get to the bottom of the slope in a snow plough position.


Half a million acres came newly under the plough between 1761 and 1792, one million more during the Napoleonic Wars.

I just took a plough over the whole field.

Inland, the rich red of the plough fields glowed in the sunshine.

Nos. 44 and 48 passed to London Transport still with bogie mounted plough carriers.

Otherwise a simple plough was used.

The introduction of the plough made possible much greater density of population, concentrated in villages and manors.

They were more commonly called plough-bullocks from the fact that they pulled the plough in the procession.

II. verb




The profits made by the sale of goods are ploughed back into wild bird conservation.

Money ploughed back , no change for pleasures, the food on the table always plain.

Savings made through greater efficiency will be ploughed back into the Service.

In 1989 £60 million worth of parish or diocesan contributions was ploughed back into stipends.

Even the sooty thatch from the houses was ploughed back into the land.

The profits of the news business were never substantial and much was ploughed back into expansion.

He says the fibrous nature of Linseed makes it impossible to plough back into the soil.

Receipts from the sale of the licences would be ploughed back into the provision of improved public transport.


He ploughed on , trying to outline his plans for the paper, and engage Sutton's attention.

At any rate, we ploughed on and in due course reached the designated spot.

Liz smiled to herself, triumphant, and ploughed on towards Kate.

But evolution ploughed on remorselessly, enabling only the most adaptable to go on to the next stage.

While here at home the Liederene ploughs on , Though many punters think the magic's gone.

Mr Sugar is ploughing on with the rationalisation announced last year.

The trawler ploughed on , leaving the fishermen clinging to pieces of wreckage.

At Fobney the light has gone so we stop and fit the torch and then plough on once more.


Often they are ploughed up from agricultural land, lone victims, their bodies incomplete.

It was like a huge farm implement ploughing up one pale flower, not quite crushing it.

Rules allowing farmers to cut set-aside fields to control weeds have resulted in many nests being ploughed up or crushed by machinery.

There had been a path there once but it had been ploughed up and incorporated into the field long ago.

They were ploughing up one of the fields near the river.

Suddenly, Ted was aware that he was ploughing up something other than earth.

Then we tried to cut across the fields at the bottom and that was a mistake, they were all ploughed up .

No one tried to plough up the minefield.



It would have been easier to drive across a ploughed field .

There was no more open country now; we camped always on dark, ploughed fields .

These are the monuments to generations of individual farmers ploughing and draining their fields .

The ploughed fields were purple and Ambadji, larger now but still riding the horizon, was blue on pale pink.

In Suffolk it was customary until recent years to plough a field in stetches or lands of varying widths.

He went back as directed, and found the man he had in mind, who was ploughing his family fields .

Dumont does not scruple to show the naked corpse, left on the edge of a ploughed field .

How can we have grain without oxen to plough the fields ?


He did not merely walk barefoot in the pine needles, but dug his toes in so that they ploughed a shallow furrow .

Another company which has long been ploughing the higher resolution furrow is Printware.

The one who ploughed the straightest furrow as declared the winner.

We called ploughing the last furrow in a stetch taking up the brew.


Waste from animals was a valuable fertiliser - all you had to do was to plough it into the land .

The sun had baked the ploughed land into a grey mass, with little cracks running through it.

Often they are ploughed up from agricultural land , lone victims, their bodies incomplete.

After careful consideration Ted decided to deep plough the land and prepare it for cultivation.

Even the sooty thatch from the houses was ploughed back into the land .

He has ploughed the land many times and could have set something off at any time.


During that period, dearer rents were not entirely ploughed into higher profits for the development companies and institutional landlords.


The fields are ploughed as soon as the winter crop is removed.


And if you have to plough the field anyway, you might as well plant it at the same time.

Farming practice in recent years has moved to autumn ploughing and early sowing of oil-seed rape and winter wheat.

It appears their chair had ploughed into the back of another.

It was like a huge farm implement ploughing up one pale flower, not quite crushing it.

Koju was an illiterate villager who had spent his life in the desert ploughing dust with oxen.

Now, their lustre faded, they must plough through the qualifying slog to get there.

The land is ploughed and then the seed is sown, the crop sprayed, the harvest taken, and so on.

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