Meaning of PROGRESSIVE in English


[adjective]There's been a progressive (= gradually developing) decline in the standard of living over the past few years.A progressive disease is one that gets worse.Progressive ideas or systems are new and modern, encouraging change in society or in the way that things are done.The left of the party is pressing for a more progressive social policy.He went to one of those progressive schools where there's no discipline and you call teachers by their first name.Progressive tax is a tax system in which the rate of tax is higher on larger amounts of money.The progressive form of a verb is used to show that the action is continuing. It is formed with the verb 'be' followed by the present participle (= -ing form of the verb).'He's working hard at the moment' is an example of the present progressive form of the verb 'work'.'I was eating when the phone rang' is an example of the past progressive.

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