Meaning of PROGRESSIVE in English


adj. & n.


1. moving forward (progressive motion).

2 proceeding step by step; cumulative (progressive drug use).

3 a (of a political party, government, etc.) favouring or implementing rapid progress or social reform. b modern; efficient (this is a progressive company).

4 (of disease, violence, etc.) increasing in severity or extent.

5 (of taxation) at rates increasing with the sum taxed.

6 (of a card-game, dance, etc.) with periodic changes of partners.

7 Gram. (of an aspect) expressing an action in progress, e.g. am writing, was writing.

8 (of education) informal and without strict discipline, stressing individual needs.

--n. (also Progressive) an advocate of progressive political policies.


progressively adv. progressiveness n. progressivism n. progressivist n. & adj.

Etymology: F progressif -ive or med.L progressivus (as PROGRESS)

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