Meaning of RARE in English


(NOT COMMON) [adjective] -r, -st - not common and therefore sometimes valuableMy visits to the dentist are more rare than they should be.He's suffering from a rare disease/illness.The museum is full of rare and precious treasures.The wildlife documentary described the rare species found in Madagascar.These sheep are a relatively/comparatively/extremely rare breed.This exhibition provides a rare opportunity to see all the painter's work together in one place.He likes to be alone, and only goes out on very rare occasions.Having breakfast in bed is a rare treat (for me).It's rare for me to have this time to watch television.It's rare to find these birds in England, but there is a small population of them in the north-west.The atmosphere or air around you at the top of a mountain is rare when it contains less oxygen and you find it harder to breathe.See also rarefied.He's that rare bird (= unusual person), a barman who doesn't drink alcohol.(dated) While their parents were out, the young people had a rare old time (= enjoyed themselves).(dated) We had a rare old time (= had difficulty) trying to get tickets on the Orient Express because it was so heavily booked.

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