Meaning of SEPARATE in English


[verb]At school they always tried to separate (= keep apart) Jane and me because we were trouble-makers. [T]Somehow in the rush to get out of the building I got separated from (= I lost) my mother. [T]The police have separated the two sides' supporters into different parts of the ground. [T]They were fighting so fiercely that it took five of us to separate them (= pull them apart). [T]Perhaps we should separate (= go to different places) now and meet up later when we've each finished our shopping. [I]The older brothers look so alike I can't separate them (= consider them as two different people) in my mind. [T]You can't separate (= consider independently) morality from politics. [T]The north and south of the country are separated by (= have between them) a mountain range. [T]You can get a special device for separating (= dividing) egg whites from yolks. [T]If a liquid separates it becomes two different liquids, one of them thinner and more liquid and the other, a thicker more solid substance.If two married people separate, they stop living together as husband and wife, often as a part of a legal arrangement.My parents separated when I was six and divorced a couple of years later.

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