Meaning of SPEED in English

[noun] [U]He's one of those people who gets a thrill from speed (= very fast movement).Everyone has been struck by the speed with which (= how fast) the new head has made changes in the school.We were surprised at the speed of (= how fast we received) the response to our enquiry.(UK) Both cars were travelling at speed (= very fast) when the accident happened.She got through her work with speed (= quickly) and efficiency.The train picked up/gathered/gained speed (= moved faster) as it went down the hill.(figurative) The economy has picked up speed (= improved its performance) recently.(informal) Tony is a real speed freak/merchant (= a person who enjoys driving (too) fast).There are speed restrictions (= controls on how fast traffic is allowed to move) on this part of the road.A speed bump (UK also speed hump, ramp, rumble strip or sleeping policeman) is a small raised area built across a road in order to make traffic move less fast.Local residents are asking for speed bumps to be installed in their street.A speed limit is the fastest rate at which you are allowed to drive in a particular area.There is a speed limit of 30 miles per hour on this road.Slow down - you're breaking/you're over the speed limit.A speed trap is special hidden equipment used by police to see whether drivers are going faster than is allowed in a particular area.Speed skating is the sport of people racing on ice, usually around an oval track.

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