Meaning of SPEED in English


1. how fast something moves or is done


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1. how fast something moves or is done

▷ speed /spiːd/ [countable/uncountable noun]

▪ The train’s designers claim it is capable of attaining speeds in excess of 350 kph.

▪ sensors which monitor speed and body movement

speed of

▪ What was the speed of the car at the time of the accident?

▪ the internal processing speed of a computer

at a speed of 50 mph/10 metres per second etc

▪ The Earth moves round the Sun at a speed of 30 km per second.

at a constant/steady speed

keeping the same speed all the time

▪ Keep driving at a constant speed until I tell you differently.

top speed

the fastest speed that a car, plane etc can reach

▪ The Ferrari Testarossa has a top speed of 188 mph.

▷ rate /reɪt/ [countable noun]

how fast things happen, change, or develop :

at a faster/slower/different etc rate

▪ Individual children develop physically and emotionally at different rates.

at an alarming rate

very fast

▪ Our money was running out at an alarming rate.

rate of

▪ The amount of light available will determine the plant’s rate of growth.

▪ equipment that can load ships at a rate of 5000 tonnes a day

▷ pace /peɪs/ [countable noun usually singular]

how fast someone walks or runs, or how fast they work or do things :

at a brisk/steady/gentle etc pace

▪ The soldiers were marching at a steady pace.

at a leisurely pace

at a slow comfortable speed

▪ We climbed at a leisurely pace, stopping occasionally to enjoy the view.

pace of

▪ The pace of political change has been rapid.

pace of work/life

▪ I’m enjoying the relaxed pace of life of Jamaica.

at your own pace

at a speed that is right for you

▪ The Kumon method involves students learning at their own pace.

▷ velocity /vɪˈlɒsəti, vəˈlɒsətiǁvə̇ˈlɑː-/ [countable/uncountable noun]

the speed at which something moves in a particular direction - use this especially in technical contexts :

▪ This instrument is used for measuring wind velocity.

velocity of

▪ an experiment to try to predict the velocity of a moving object

high velocity

▪ a beam of high velocity electrons

▷ momentum /məʊˈmentəm, mə-/ [uncountable noun]

the force that makes a moving object keep moving :

▪ We are trying to measure the position and momentum of an electron as accurately as possible.

gain/gather momentum

move faster

▪ As the slope got steeper, the sled gathered momentum.

lose momentum

move slower

▪ The ball was moving along, slowly losing momentum on the bumpy ground.

▷ miles per hour/metres per second etc /ˌmaɪlz pər ˈaʊəʳ/ [noun phrase]

use these expressions to say how fast something moves :

▪ The maximum speed on British motorways is 70 miles per hour.

▪ Sound travels through the air at about 340 metres per second.

▪ a propeller that revolves at a rate of 150 revolutions per minute

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