Meaning of STACK in English


[verb] [T]Stack the washing up by the sink and I'll do it later.Once the last few people had left the hall, the caretaker began stacking (up) the chairs. [T]I've just been shopping so the fridge is stacked (= filled) with food.She's got a part-time job stacking (= filling with goods) shelves at the local supermarket. [T]If aircraft are stacked (up) over an airport, they circle over the airport at different heights waiting to be told they can land.At peak times, planes are often stacked over Gatwick airport for more than an hour. [I](esp. US) If you stack up one thing against another, you compare one thing with another.The new model of this car just doesn't stack up against previous models.If you stack the cards/(US) stack the deck, you arrange something in a dishonest way in order to achieve the result you want.He should have got the promotion but they stacked the deck against him.If the odds/cards are stacked against you, it is very unlikely that you will succeed because you are not in an advantageous position.She has so many enemies in the town that the odds are heavily stacked against her being elected to the council.

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