Meaning of STACK in English


n. 1 pile, heap, mound, mass, accumulation, hill, mountain, store, stock, bank, deposit, supply, stockpile, hoard, load, bundle, bale, Colloq US and Canadian stash This stack of paper ought to be enough to last through the next printing 2 haystack, cock, haycock, rick, rickle, hayrick, Brit clamp The stacks were covered with a tarpaulin before it started to rain 3 collection, aggregation, accumulation, agglomeration, amassment, mass, load, pack, amount, abundance, plenty, profusion, volume, array, sea, throng, multitude, swarm, host, number, quantity, pile-up We have a huge stack of orders to process this morning 4 smokestack, chimney, chimney-stack, funnel; Building soil stack They built the stack very tall to carry the fumes away from the town below 5 blow one's stack. anger, become angry, become furious or infuriated, rage, rant, lose one's temper, Slang blow or lose one's cool, get hot under the collar, blow one's top The boss will blow his stack if we miss the deadline

v. 6 Often, stack up. pile (up), heap, accumulate, amass, store, stock, stockpile, hoard, collect, aggregate, agglomerate, Colloq stash (away), squirrel away Stack those boxes neatly in the corner Has he stacked up enough points to qualify? 7 stack up. a make sense, add up, agree, jibe, be verifiable, Colloq check out The ledgers don't stack up with the cheque-book The two sets of figures simply don't stack up. b compare, measure up, hold a candle to, be on a par (with), be as good as He could never stack up to Olivier

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