Meaning of TRIPLE in English


[adjective] [not gradable] - consisting of three parts, or being repeated twiceHer trainer is a triple Olympic champion.There's a triple bill of Hitchcock films (= three films) on at the cinema next Sunday.The number of one-parent U.S. households reached 10.1 million in 1991, nearly triple (= three times as large as) that of 1971.Triple glazing is three layers of glass in a door or window that are separated by air spaces to prevent heat escaping from a room or to reduce the amount of noise coming in from outside.The insulation from triple glazing is significantly greater than that from double glazing.The triple jump is a sporting event in which the competitor jumps from one foot and lands on it, then jumps from one foot and lands on the other, and finally jumps with both feet.She's the European triple jump champion.He is Britain's leading triple jumper and is expected to win a medal in the European championships.

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