Meaning of TRIPLE in English


adj., n., & v.


1. consisting of three usu. equal parts or things; threefold.

2 involving three parties.

3 three times as much or many (triple the amount; triple thickness).


1. a threefold number or amount.

2 a set of three.

3 (in pl.) a peal of changes on seven bells. & intr. multiply or increase by three.

Phrases and idioms:

triple crown

1. RC Ch. the pope's tiara.

2 the act of winning all three of a group of important events in horse-racing, rugby football, etc. triple jump an athletic exercise or contest comprising a hop, a step, and a jump. triple play Baseball the act of putting out three runners in a row. triple rhyme a rhyme including three syllables. triple time Mus. that with three beats to the bar; waltz time.


triply adv.

Etymology: OF triple or L triplus f. Gk triplous

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