Meaning of TWO in English

[determiner], [pronoun], [noun] [plural] twos - (the number) 2They've got two houses.He's got two leather jackets already.I spent two years in Ethiopia.It's two o'clock.There are two ways of interpreting what you just said.There's a special offer on at the moment - you can get two T-shirts for the price of one.He'll be two (years old) in February."How many children have you got?" "Just the two."Are you coming over to the bar, you two?"I can't eat all of that!" "Well, cut it in two and we'll have half each."Three twos are six.If you say there are no two ways about it you mean that something is a firm decision or situation and there can be no doubts or different decisions.We'll have to go, there are no two ways about it.(US and ANZ informal) Your two cents worth is your spoken opinion on a particular matter.I thought I'd just throw in (= add) my two cents worth.(informal) If you do not know for certain the facts about a particular situation but you form a judgment from what you consider to be obvious proof you might say that you put two and two together."How did you know they were having an affair?" "Well, I'd seen them out together a couple of times so I just put two and two together."(informal humorous) If you put two and two together and make five you understand a particular situation wrongly, often in a way which is more shocking or exciting than the truth."Why ever did she think you were pregnant?" "I was sick once or twice and I suppose she just put two and two together and made five."(UK) If you are in two minds (US and ANZ of two minds) about a decision you can not decide which of two different plans of action you should take.I don't know whether to go to this conference or not - I'm in two minds about it."Patrick and Glyn got on really well, didn't they." "Yes, well they're two of a kind (= similar characters) really, aren't they.'""I have absolutely no idea what's going on." "That makes two of us (= I'm in the same, esp. bad, situation)".Well, when I found out that my husband had been having an affair I thought two can play at that game (= if someone does something selfish that causes you to suffer, you can do the same thing yourself)!(saying) 'It takes two to tango' means an activity needs two people willing to take part for it to happen.She may want to argue, but it takes two to tango and I won't stoop to her level.(saying) You can say 'two's company, three's a crowd' if two people are relaxed and enjoying each other's company but another person would make them feel less comfortable.If you put/stick two fingers in the air/up or give someone two fingers you hold your first and second fingers up in a V shape with the back of your hand towards someone, which is a rude sign in Britain, to show that you are angry or have no respect for them.(US informal disapproving) Something or someone that is two-bit is worth very little or is very unimportant.He plays a two-bit Chicago gangster in the play.A two-by-four is a standard size of finished wood used for building which measures slightly less than two inches wide and four inches deep and can be cut to various lengths.You'll need four eight-foot two-by-fours to frame out that wall.Two-dimensional means flat, having width and length but not depth.(disapproving) A person or story which is two-dimensional is too simple, showing a lack of deep, serious thought and understanding.I didn't believe in any of the characters in the book - they were somehow two-dimensional.A knife or other cutting device which is two-edged has two sharp edges for cutting with. a two-edged swordA two-edged remark can be understood in two very different ways, one of them positive and one of them negative."That was amazingly generous of you!" "Well, that was a two-edged comment - are you saying I'm usually very mean?"(disapproving) Someone who is two-faced is not sincere, saying unpleasant things about you to other people while seeming to be pleasant when they are with you.I wouldn't trust her if I were you - she can be really two-faced.Something which is two-handed needs or involves the use of both hands at the same time.a two-handed sawMy tennis is really improving - I've got a formidable two-handed backhand.(UK) A two-hander is a play written for two actors.A two-piece is a set of clothes which consists of two separate but matching parts, esp. a woman's clothes for swimming or (also two-piece suit) a man's matching jacket and trousers.Two-ply material, wood or wool consists of two layers or two sets of thread for added thickness or strength.A two-seater is a car which has seats for only two people.(informal) To two-time someone that you are having a relationship with is to deceive them by having a secret sexual relationship with someone else at the same time.I finished with him when I found out he was two-timing me.(informal) A two-timer is a person who deceives their partner by having a secret sexual relationship with someone else.Clothes or shoes that are two-tone are two different colours or are a lighter and a darker variety of the same colour.Two-way means in both directions.a two-way streetTwo-way radios can both send out and receive signals.The phrase two-way is also used of situations that involve two people or two groups of people working together to achieve a shared aim.Negotiations are a two-way thing - both sides have to come to a compromise.Remember, friendships are a two-way street (= both people have to make an effort).A two-way mirror is a mirror that can be used in the usual way from one side but is transparent from the other side and can therefore be used to watch people without them knowing.

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