Meaning of YEAR in English

[noun] [C] - a period of twelve months, esp. from January 1st to December 31stAnnette worked in Italy for two years.We'll have been together four years next April.1988 was one of the worst years of my life.Is it a three-year course?She brought along her three-year-old daughter.Have a wonderful Christmas and I hope to see you both in the new year (= the year that is about to begin).It's been a good year for the roses (= they have been very successful during this year).Trade is good all (the) year (round) (= through the year) but it is a little less busy in the winter.We went to Egypt on holiday last year.At this time of year the beaches are almost deserted.See study section: DatesIn an educational establishment a year refers to the part of the year during which courses are being taught.September sees the start of the new school/academic year.She's now in her second year at Manchester university.He had a nervous breakdown (during/in) his final year at college.(UK and ANZ) Year also refers to students in a particular year of school, college or university.A couple of my fifth-year pupils are real trouble-makers.I like teaching the younger kids - the first- and second-years.He looks good/dances well for a man of his years (= considering how old he is).The expression for years means for a long time.Roz and I have been going there for years.For years (also in years) also means since a long time ago.How are you - I haven't seen you for/in years!I've never once seen her angry in/through all the years (= in all the time) I've known her.A thing or person of the year is one that has been chosen as the best in a particular year, esp. in a competition.Young Musician of the YearIf something puts years on a person, it makes them appear much older.Being tired and unhappy puts years on you.If something takes years off a person, it makes them appear or feel much younger."Have you seen James without his beard?" "I know - it takes years off him!"(UK and ANZ informal) The year dot means an extremely long time ago.Men and women must have had this argument from/since the year dot!If something happens year in year out it happens in the same way every year, often so that it is boring.We go to Mike's parents every summer - it's the same thing year in year out.

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