Meaning of YEAR in English

/ jɪə(r); jɜː(r); NAmE jɪr/ noun ( abbr. yr )


(also ˌcalendar ˈyear ) [ C ] the period from 1 January to 31 December, that is 365 or 366 days, divided into 12 months :

in the year 1865

I lost my job earlier this year.

Elections take place every year.

The museum is open all (the) year round (= during the whole year) .

—see also leap year , new year


[ C ] a period of 12 months, measured from any particular time :

It's exactly a year since I started working here.

She gave up teaching three years ago.

in the first year of their marriage

the pre-war / war / post-war years (= the period before / during / after the war)

I have happy memories of my years in Poland (= the time I spent there) .

—see also gap year , light year , off year


[ C ] a period of 12 months connected with a particular activity :

the academic / school year

the tax year

—see also financial year


[ C ] ( especially BrE ) ( at a school, etc. ) a level that you stay in for one year; a student at a particular level :

We started German in year seven.

a year-seven pupil

The first years do French.

She was in my year at school.


[ C , usually pl. ] age; time of life :

He was 14 years old when it happened.

She looks young for her years.

They were both only 20 years of age .

a twenty-year-old man

He died in his sixtieth year.

She's getting on in years (= is no longer young) .


years [ pl. ] ( informal ) a long time :

It's years since we last met.

They haven't seen each other for years .

That's the best movie I've seen in years .

We've had a lot of fun over the years .


- man, woman, car, etc. of the year

- not / never in a hundred, etc. years

- put years on sb

- take years off sb

- year after year

- year by year

- the year dot

- year in, year out

- year of grace | year of our Lord

- year on year

—more at advanced , decline verb , donkey , turn noun



Old English gē(a)r , of Germanic origin; related to Dutch jaar and German Jahr , from an Indo-European root shared by Greek hōra season.

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