Meaning of ABSTRACT in English


I. adjective


having conceptual rather than concrete existence

the abstract perfect society

Synonyms: hypothetical, ideal, theoretical, transcendent, transcendental

Related Word: academic, impractical, utopian, visionary; speculative, undemonstrable; conceptual, notional; inconcrete

Contrasted words: corporeal, material, objective, phenomenal, physical; actual, factual, real

Antonyms: concrete


Synonyms: neutral , colorless, detached, disinterested, dispassionate, impersonal, poker-faced, unpassioned

II. noun

Synonyms: abridgment , boildown, breviary, breviate, brief, condensation, conspectus, epitome, synopsis

Contrasted words: enlargement, expansion

Antonyms: amplification

III. verb


Synonyms: detach , disassociate, disconnect, disengage, dissociate, uncouple, unfix

Related Word: divide, part, separate

Contrasted words: insinuate, interpolate, interpose

Antonyms: insert, introduce


Synonyms: steal 1, annex, appropriate, ||cop, filch, lift, pilfer, pinch, purloin, swipe

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