Meaning of CENTER in English

I. noun


a point or part in a surface or solid more or less equidistant from the periphery

the center of the earth

Synonyms: core, middle, midpoint, midst

Related Word: inside, interior

Contrasted words: circumference, compass, perimeter, periphery; bounds, confines, limits


one eminent in or central to a particular activity, condition, or interest

a center of international trade

Synonyms: focal point, focus, heart, hub, nerve center, polestar, seat; compare essence 2


a source or point of origin (as of an influence, pressure, or effect)

the group proved a center of discontent

Synonyms: core, heart, pith, quick, root

Related Word: activator, dynamo, energizer, stimulant

II. adjective


Synonyms: middle 1, centermost, equidistant, halfway, medial, median, mid, middlemost, midmost


Synonyms: middle 2, central, intermediary, intermediate, mean, medial, median, mid

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