Meaning of CENTER in English


front and center

Prayer in schools has become a front-and-center issue.

outreach program/service/center etc

outreach centers for drug addicts




Like stocks, they are traded daily in New York and in other financial centers .

Long-term financial planning centers on planning for the future growth of the company and devising plans to finance this growth.


The main detention center was designed to hold 150 people, but sometimes houses 600.

His family home in Aba was the main distributing center and office for three major newspapers in his country.

There are five main sales centers , including one in Los Angeles, which hold auctions every nine weeks.

The main center of the revolutionary movement thereupon shifted for the time being to the colonial countries.

His monthly department head meetings are being held outside the main administration center .


Webb quickly became an important retailer in a city that was then a major center for pop music.

Like Manhattan, Bangalore is also a major national center for medical research.

Even modest elevations of sea level therefore can threaten many major population centers .


For comparison, we utilized patients from clinics at a Midwestern inner city medical center .

The blood sample, if drawn outside Stanford, can be transported to the Palo Alto-based medical center by courier.

Patients would probably have to be moved, either to other military medical centers or to private health-care facilities.

Eighteen medical centers will enroll patients in the trial.

Nonpatient populations were then polled and interviewed through the courtesy of medical centers and universities throughout the country.

She is expected to move from critical care to a private room at Hackensack University Medical center .

HMOs and modern medical centers are powerful institutions with an army of in-house lawyers, risk managers and numerous administrators.

University officials describe the merger as an economic lifeline for the prestigious but financially ailing medical center .


Millions of people either moved there or were born in new industrial centers where factories and mills were located.

They will, however, be getting a new center , and that is a good start, he believes.

In addition to a small cafeteria at the new center , the main Visitors' Center has many meal choices.

Product management is developing a standardized suite of managed services that will be offered in the new data centers .

She is conducting a survey to see what new activities the center should offer.

A new high-altitude touring center has opened at Killington in Vermont.

City officials had wanted to wait until moving into the new dispatch center to buy a new state-of-the-art computer.

The foundation funded a dozen new career centers in high schools, where students could come for career guidance and counseling.


She spent time at a day care center , a senior center, a food distribution place.

Seniors can make appointments to visit the mobile unit by calling their local senior center .

The program likely is to shutter 34 senior centers , where elderly people drop in and get a noon meal.


Blacks in large numbers started leaving the South for northern urban centers in the 1920s.

Westerners are often tempted to write off the great urban centers of the developing world as almost beyond hope.

It was to its urban centers that those interested in a better education and a broader range of opportunities were drawn.



She spent time at a day care center , a senior center, a food distribution place.

Electric Co. has had its own child care center at its Beale Street headquarters since 1992.


Aiming back toward the city center , we forded ankle-deep streams that had once been boulevards.

It is about a 25-minute walk from the city center .

Nor was it for Father Vic, who lived in the rectory maintained by his order in the city center .

But the city center idea collapsed and so did Rancho Vistoso's plans.

The city center moved north with the development of banks and other businesses.

Tucson has tried scheme after scheme to lure crowds to the city center .


Prosecutors originally were seeking a 10-month term, with five months to be served in a community center .

Why does this city need a gay community center ?

No house of worship nor community center should be bereft of personnel or equipment for such education.

The Archdiocese of San Francisco also plans to construct a church, a new school and community center at the site.

Inside a community center , the new council members sat through three hours of speeches.

Perhaps the most promising example of this kind of institution is the gay community center .

Many members consider it more a community center than a health club.


Before forming the task force, Golding said the planned $ 213 million convention center expansion will not be included.

Loans would be floated for construction of the convention center and the new county buildings.

Like Anderson, they wanted those within the convention center to hear them.

The water quality board cited the port in 1995 for excessive contaminants in the convention center operation.

He also made a deal with the Port District that permitted construction of the convention center .

The city will assume responsibility for convention center permit issues when bonds are issued to finance expansion of the facility.

The Port District built the convention center in 1989, but it is managed by the city.

Held in a sprawling Phoenix convention center , the lavish party is big enough to accommodate four or five bands simultaneously.


Police take violators to a special detention center and telephone their homes.

Women are more likely to end up in county jails because INSrun detention centers sometimes can not handle females.

The main detention center was designed to hold 150 people, but sometimes houses 600.

He was in and out of juvenile detention centers for four years on weapons and drug charges and other violations.

High Commissioner for Refugees visit the detention center twice a week to assess those requests.


The Norwalk residence served as a distribution center , authorities said.

But no: the firm decided instead to eliminate overtime pay for workers at its packaging and distribution center .

Hiatt had come to oppose Shames and his plan to build a $ 30 million high-tech distribution center in Louisville, Ky.

Management for the operation will be based at the Wal-Mart distribution center , Norden said.

This is the fourth start-up of a Wal-Mart distribution center for Schneider in the past three years.

We have a big distribution center in Morgan Hill.

After the closing of its distribution centers led to organizational disaster, the firm did its best to minimize these consequences.

The year following the elimination of the distribution centers was, by employee consensus, the worst the company had ever endured.


Over in a corner, at the entrance to the recreation center , is a small grove of banana and ficus trees.

The recreation center is the first phase of the one-third-acre project.

At age 10, she began tagging along when her brothers would head out to the neighborhood playgrounds and recreation centers .

In 1989, the Golden Hill recreation center needed a new roof and repainting.

The team is crammed into a small, windowless conference room at the University of Southern California student recreation center .

Their forces shut dozens of schools, mosques and recreation centers in poor neighborhoods throughout the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.


After the war, the site became a physical rehabilitation center and research facility.

We need only to cite schools and colleges, hospitals, drug rehabilitation centers , libraries and the like.

They came directly from hospitals or drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers and, in a few cases, from prison.

A few years earlier, the man had sought treatment at the drug rehabilitation center where Ruiz volunteers.


These are the findings in a study just issued by the Rand research center in Santa Monica.

Both universities have medical schools, hospitals, clinics and research centers of worldwide repute.

He had a hospital and research center in mind.

An informal group of exchange scientists at the North Carolina research center had already attached their annotations.


The duties of employment interviewers in job service centers differ somewhat because applicants may lack marketable skills.

The neighborhood service centers assisted commissioners in assessing conditions and priorities in their respective subareas and in formulating appropriate proposals.

Employment opportunities should be better in private placement firms than in State job service centers .

The neighborhood service centers , however, survived the council onslaught.

In addition, the store is now an official service center for the full line of Hewlett Packard computer goods.

The human service center recently moved from leased space into a new, county-owned building in downtown Grand Forks.

Acceptable use policies of non-ISPs are published and are usually easily available in the network information service centers of the target network.


The publication also is distributed to youth clubs, clinics, school libraries, drug treatment centers and churches across the country.

Flores has been commuting to Santa Anita from a substance-abuse treatment center .

The spas are first and foremost medical treatment centers , and most guests come with a recommendation from a doctor.

But they did not consider his stay in the day treatment center successful.

Diagnostic and then treatment centers would be set up in those states where the disease was endemic.

To survive, many treatment centers have expanded their outpatient offerings.

During the 1970s and 1980s, treatment centers cropped up all over the nation.

All were treated at private treatment centers which required either insurance coverage or self-payment for the treatment.



She overwhelms Willie and becomes the center of his life.

The typical Well Fargo lobby could become a virtual center of family life.

I had hoped that writing would become the center of my life.

Sorrento Valley has become Telecom Valley, which is becoming a world center for the development of wireless mobile phones.

Bangalore became a software center very recently, and so far most of what is done there is relatively unsophisticated.

Now they became centers of hostility.

He and not Persephone became the center of the belief in immortality.


A mission project of the Methodist Church is building a technology center so local businesses can travel the information superhighway.

The college was not required to have city or county building officials inspect the center .

The Port District built the convention center in 1989, but it is managed by the city.


They belonged to the dream at the edges too; but now they were moving to the center .

As decision-making power moves away from the center , the grip of the home office loosens.


Scheduling time off takes some doing; he owns a construction company, and she runs an equestrian center .

The city never intended to run the center permanently.


At the shopping center , the ubiquitous closed-circuit camera may soon be smart enough to seek him out personally.

The roadway also would be widened from two to four lanes from the shopping center to the Menlo Park border.

It even has its own Metro subway stop and shopping center .

He was on his way to a shopping center in Jeff Parish where a model fallout shelter was on display.

This is a mom-and-pop shop , tucked away in the Vons supermarket shopping center in University City.

The mobile museum visits schools, retirement homes, shopping centers and other venues.

James, a shopping center , is at the east end of Princes Street.


He did not invite Sandoz to sit but rather left him standing in the center of the room.

Today, standing in the center of town, only oak and juniper remain.

In it the minister and I are standing in the center of the stairs, surrounded by missionaries.

Two saddles in progress stand in the center of his overcrowded workshop.

This doorway did not stand in the center of the wall, which seems unusual.

An unabashed king-size bed made up with a flowered bedspread stands in the dead center of the room.


BMost students at the training center , having stared death in the face, undertake vast career shifts.

They also are trying to make apprentices more productive by reducing the time they spend in expensive training centers .

The partnership also will form a training center for engine localization and development.

The island is a training center for agents.


a flower with yellow petals and a purple center

a huge shopping center

a major banking center

a new $3 million center for the elderly

His goal is to turn Stanford into a center for environmental policy.

the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

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