Meaning of CENTER in English


Function: verb

Inflected Form: cen · tered ; cen · ter · ing \ ' sen-t( ə -)ri ŋ , ' se-n ə r-i ŋ \

Date: 1590

transitive verb

1 : to place or fix at or around a center or central area or position < center the picture on the wall>

2 : to give a central focus or basis < center s her hopes on her son> <the plot was center ed on espionage>

3 : to adjust (as lenses) so that the axes coincide

4 a : to pass (a ball or puck) from either side toward the middle of the playing area b : to hand or pass (a football) backward between one's legs to a back to start a down

5 : to play center on < center a line in hockey>

intransitive verb : to have a specified center : FOCUS

usage The intransitive verb center is most commonly used with the prepositions in, on, at, and around. At appears to be favored in mathematical contexts; the others are found in a broad range of contexts. Center around, a standard idiom, has often been objected to as illogical. The logic on which the objections are based is irrelevant, since center around is an idiom and idioms have their own logic. Center on is currently more common in edited prose, and revolve around and similar verbs are available if you want to avoid center around.

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