Meaning of CERTAIN in English




Synonyms: firm 4, fixed, set, settled, stated, stipulated

Related Word: assured, certified, guaranteed, warranted; ensured, insured, sure


constituting an indeterminate and otherwise unidentified part of a group or whole

certain students dispute this finding

Synonyms: some, various

Related Word: a, an, one; many, numerous; divers, several, sundry

Contrasted words: no; all


being such beyond a doubt

no certain likeness of this saint survives

Synonyms: accurate, authentic, dependable, reliable

Related Word: credible, plausible, well-grounded

Contrasted words: counterfeit, false, spurious; controversial, doubtful, dubious, questionable

Antonyms: uncertain


Synonyms: infallible 2, sure, surefire, unfailing


Synonyms: positive 3, inarguable, incontestable, indisputable, indubitable, sure, uncontestable, uncontrovertible, undeniable, undoubtable

Related Word: confirmable, demonstrable, establishable, provable, verifiable; doubtless, trustworthy, unerring

Contrasted words: controversial, iffy

Antonyms: uncertain


Synonyms: inevitable , ineluctable, ineludible, inescapable, inevasible, necessary, returnless, unavoidable, unescapable, unevadable

Related Word: indefeasible, irrevocable, unalterable, written; fated, predestinated, predetermined

Antonyms: uncertain


Synonyms: sure 5, cocksure, confident, positive

Related Word: assured, confident, sanguine

Contrasted words: hesitant, indecisive, vague, wavering; doubtful, dubious, questionable

Antonyms: uncertain

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