Meaning of COMMON in English

I. adjective


generally shared in or participated in by members of a community

our common civic responsibilities

Synonyms: communal, conjoint, conjunct, intermutual, joint, mutual, public, shared

Related Word: general, generic, universal; like, reciprocal, similar; corporate

Contrasted words: personal, private, restricted

Antonyms: individual


Synonyms: general 2, generic, universal

Related Word: popular, public


Synonyms: impure 3, defiled, desecrated, polluted, profaned, unclean


taking place often

a common occurrence

Synonyms: customary, everyday, familiar, frequent

Related Word: repetitious, routine, usual

Contrasted words: infrequent, occasional, unfrequent; casual, chance, incidental

Antonyms: rare, uncommon


Synonyms: general , commonplace, matter-of-course, natural, normal, prevalent, regular, typic, typical, usual


conforming to a type without noteworthy excellences or faults

just a common everyday sort trying to get by in life

Synonyms: commonplace, ordinary, prosaic, uneventful, unexceptional, unnoteworthy

Related Word: down-to-earth, matter-of-fact, prosy, unexciting; dull, flat, trite, stale, uninteresting

Contrasted words: exceptional, noteworthy, remarkable; excellent, marvelous, prodigious, wonderful; aberrant, divergent, eccentric

Antonyms: extraordinary


Synonyms: decent 4, adequate, all right, good, satisfactory, sufficient, tolerable, unexceptionable, unexceptional, unimpeachable


Synonyms: cheap 2, mean, ||ornery, paltry, poor, rubbishy, shoddy, sleazy, tatty, trashy


Synonyms: inferior 2, déclassé, hack, low-grade, mean, poor, second-class, second-drawer, second-rate

|| 10.

Synonyms: easygoing 3, breezy, casual, informal, low-pressure, relaxed, ||sonsy, unconstrained, unfussy, unreserved

II. noun


commons plural but singular or plural in construction

Synonyms: commonalty , commonage, commoners, common men, people, plebeians, plebs, populace, rank and file, third estate


an often improved and ornamentally planted open space for public use in a built-up area

in summer a band played on the village common

Synonyms: green, plaza, square

Related Word: garden, park, pleasance, pleasure ground

Merriam Webster. Collegiate thesaurus English vocabulary.      Английский энциклопедический словарь тезаурус.