Meaning of DEPENDENT in English




determined or conditioned by another

a conclusion that is dependent on a premise

Synonyms: conditional, contingent, relative, reliant

Related Word: exposed, liable, open, subject, susceptible; iffy, provisional, provisory; uncertain; circumscribed, limited, restricted

Contrasted words: categorical, ultimate; boundless, eternal, illimitable, uncircumscribed; basal, basic, fundamental, primary, underived

Antonyms: absolute; infinite; original


Synonyms: subordinate , collateral, secondary, sub, subject, tributary, under

Related Word: counting, depending, reckoning, relying, trusting; accessory, ancillary, appurtenant; abased, debased, humbled

Contrasted words: principal; paramount, predominant, preponderant, preponderating, sovereign

Antonyms: independent

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