Meaning of DEPENDENT in English


I. də̇ˈpendənt, (ˈ)dē|p- adjective

Etymology: Middle English dependant, from Middle French, present participle of dependre to depend

1. : hanging down

a dependent bough

lamps dependent from the ceiling


a. : determined or conditioned by something else : contingent

a conclusion that is dependent on a premise

b. : unable to exist, sustain oneself, or act suitably or normally without the assistance or direction of another or others

smelting operations were dependent on charcoal — Desmond Sprague

a girl who remained excessively dependent on her parents even after marriage — Ruth & Edward Brecher

the maple sugar and syrup crop, so dependent on weather conditions — American Guide Series: New Hampshire

traffic … has been dependent on ferries to cross five rivers — Americana Annual

a child is pretty dependent on companionship

c. : connected in a subordinate relationship : subject to the jurisdiction of another

dependent territories

d. : lacking the necessary means of support and receiving aid from others (as from persons outside the immediate family or from a private or public welfare agency)

a program of assistance for dependent children

e. of a clause : subordinate 2b

f. of a compound : belonging to the tatpurusha class

3. obsolete : impending

4. phonetics : combinative — used of sound change

• de·pen·dent·ly adverb

II. noun

also de·pen·dant də̇ˈpendənt, dēˈ-

( -s )

Etymology: Middle French dependant, from dependant, present participle

1. archaic , usually dependant : something attached to something else : appurtenance , dependency

2. : one that depends or is dependent ; especially : one relying on another for support

a man taxed according to the number of dependents he has

dependents were defined as those persons unable to care for themselves — J.F.Cuber

III. adjective

1. : affected with a drug dependence


a. : not mathematically or statistically independent

a dependent set of vectors

dependent events

b. : equivalent 1 herein

dependent equations

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