Meaning of DEPENDENT in English


/ dɪˈpendənt; NAmE / adjective , noun

■ adjective


dependent (on / upon sb/sth) (for sth) needing sb/sth in order to survive or be successful :

a woman with several dependent children

You can't be dependent on your parents all your life.

The festival is heavily dependent on sponsorship for its success.


dependent on / upon sth addicted to sth (= unable to stop taking or using it) :

to be dependent on drugs


dependent on / upon sth ( formal ) affected or decided by sth :

A child's development is dependent on many factors.

The price is dependent on how many extras you choose.

■ noun

( especially NAmE ) = dependant



late Middle English dependant hanging down , from Old French , present participle of dependre , from Latin dependere , from de- down + pendere hang. The spelling change in the 16th cent. was due to association with the Latin participial stem dependent- .

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