Meaning of DEPENDENT in English




be addicted to drugs/dependent on drugs (= be unable to stop taking drugs )

People who are addicted to drugs need help.

dependent clause

economically dependent on (= depending on someone or something for money )

The country is still economically dependent on agriculture.

heavily dependent/reliant/influenced

Britain is heavily dependent on imports for its raw materials.




What form or shape your life takes is also dependent largely upon your choices.

Sensitivity to sound is also dependent on the stage of sleep the sleeper is in.

Others demonstrated that people's post-school careers were also dependent upon their social class background.

If welfare aided economic growth it was also dependent on it.

To an extent the penned hands were also dependent on the nationality of the scribe or where he had been trained.


Socially, he's not as dependent on the company of others as the endomorph.

But not all mammals are as dependent upon their eyes as you.

There is a dispute about which units matter, or even whether units matter at all except as dependent variables.

With £50m capital we could surely produce something; prevent patients becoming as dependent .

A relative clause counts as dependent whereas an adjective modifying a noun clearly does not.

It is as dependent upon reason as is everything else.

Traditionally, women have been viewed as dependent and passive, and males as aggressive and assertive.


He's completely dependent on us.

Like at boot camp, soldiers going through specialized training are completely dependent on their drill sergeants and instructors.

Nuclear weapons and their associated command, control and communications systems are completely dependent on computers and microchips.

Nothing is more soul-destroying than being completely dependent on another person.

I now realized that we had no idea where he lived, and therefore were completely dependent on him turning up.

But they're still completely dependent on the staff at Vale Wildlife Rescue.

These would no longer be parasitic, completely dependent on bourgeois society and playing no productive role.

The dangers of a system where those who have care of children are completely dependent on another person are obvious.


It feeds off the passions of a small and economically dependent country and the emotional demands it places on the game.

The inner ring is economically dependent on core Tyneside for the bulk of its employment opportunities.

A subscription would make Leapor economically dependent upon the goodwill of the wealthy.


You're not entirely dependent on your husband.

Although they worked through institutions, they had no regular sources of income and were entirely dependent on providence.

The National Blood Transfusion Service is entirely dependent on voluntary blood donors.

She could move little more than her eyes, and she remained entirely dependent on her iron tomb for breath.

Beyond that, the matter is entirely dependent upon agreement.

Travel and tourism is now the world's biggest industry, and many countries are almost entirely dependent on tourism.

Through incubation and fledging, it is entirely dependent on the care of its adopted parents.


By contrast, taxpayer standing is likely to be heavily dependent on the detailed facts.

The university research covers fundamental and applied research in various disciplines and is heavily dependent on direct and indirect government funding.

But the catering is also heavily dependent on vending machines, which operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Britain is very vulnerable to these currency movements because we are a medium-sized economy heavily dependent on imports and exports.

Personality based depression happens to people with poor self-image, or to some one who is heavily dependent on others for emotional support.

A failing of systems such as Jelinek's is that they are heavily dependent on the size of lexicon used.

Questions on data availability are likely to be particularly important where users are heavily dependent on secondary sources.

Within this, the regime was heavily dependent upon the civil administration.


Success in computation relating to time intervals is highly dependent on a number of factors and there fore is variable.

Picture quality is highly dependent on your location and even your body movement.

Since the value of the resulting output is highly dependent on these components, they should be given early and careful consideration.

Such an economy was highly dependent on a vast mass of skilled labour and a greater horde of the lesser skilled.

However, most of them were affiliated to political parties and highly dependent on their parties' priorities.


In practice, he or she became increasingly dependent also on ministers for advice.

They found themselves becoming increasingly dependent on their dealer's advice, at the same time sensing it might be fatal.


The force of this affirmation, however, is largely dependent upon the continuous union of man and nature in the Over-Soul.

Maturation studies, based on geochemical analysis, demonstrate that gas-generative maturity is largely dependent on Jurassic burial.

Huge growth in the service sector is largely dependent on people and not machines.

Again the permeability is largely dependent upon sediment sorting and the presence of cements, or authigenic growths in the pore throats.

This, however, is highly speculative and largely dependent on a perpetual bull market.

Selection of patients for treatment is largely dependent upon referral from a district centre.

Even at the best companies, family friendliness is often episodic, largely dependent on relationships with an immediate supervisor.


To make the Ping Tiao less dependent on us.

Upjohn Inc. and Philip Morris Cos. whose profits are seen as less dependent on rapid growth.

The next group of suggestions was less dependent on extra funds.

Prices had not climbed as fast in the first place and were less dependent on volatile international buying.

Though petroleum still makes up four-fifths of export earnings, he has made the country less dependent on oil.

Other changes meant that agricultural workers became less dependent on their employers for lodgings and could therefore marry younger.


Instead it became more dependent upon how frequently they watched television news.

Too often the product of their interventions is a student who becomes more dependent , insecure, and angry.

Thus lawyer B was more dependent on the profession than on his clients.

But a work-inhibited student is clearly more dependent upon positive relationships than a confident student.

New industrial methods based on assembly lines and continuous processes were typically more dependent on electricity than the ones they replaced.

The Soviet Union today is more dependent on the world market, and world resources, not less.

Lay officers were more dependent on the rewards of their secular offices to provide for themselves and for their families.

As his political stature has shrunk, he has grown correspondingly more dependent on the army.


In these circumstances it is not clear whether or not the effectiveness of the intervention is quite so dependent on operating experience.

In architecture you are so dependent on clients, on craftsmen, on zoning laws, budgets.

Artists and journalists are not so dependent upon their colleagues' approval but can appeal directly to the laity.

Here, men are not so dependent on the opinions of others.

Feminists argue that women should not be so dependent on the opinion of men.

In an age so dependent on the horse, the depth and width of interest can barely be exaggerated.

I couldn't dream of what I was going to do because you become so dependent on money.


But many older titles are still dependent upon an understanding of its conveyancing procedures.

We are also still dependent on parental transport.

But developing countries are still dependent for all their foreign currency earnings upon the fluctuations of commodity prices on the world market.

I was still unemployed and struggling financially, still dependent on my parents and my girlfriend.

Is that why you hate him, because you're still dependent on him.

In most States the army was still dependent largely on voluntary enlistment.

Nine of them are still dependent on just one crop for over 70 percent of their income.


It also warned that exports were still too dependent on copper.

Perhaps they have allowed the child to become too dependent on the baby-sitter.

We will encourage enhanced recovery of oil from the North Sea and avoid becoming too dependent on imported fuel.

The congressman can become too dependent on his staff.

This was usually discouraged in case the wild ape became too dependent on hand-outs.

He had indeed allowed himself to become too dependent on her, and he had paid the price of it.

This would help expand Moby's loyalties and prevent him from becoming too dependent on his main daytime companion.

You must avoid being manipulated by other people or letting yourself become too dependent on others for your financial security.


The quality of our products and services is totally dependent on the quality and commitment of our people.

Its inhabitants, including 230,000 refugees from surrounding areas, remained totally dependent on outside food supplies.

I didn't want to be totally dependent on any one source of income or any one group.

Iris is totally dependent on Donald who retired early to care for his wife.

With wild cats it ensures that the animals do not become totally dependent on one kind of prey.

She is totally dependent on her daughter for help with bathing, washing, dressing and feeding.

People saw themselves as being totally dependent on top management.


They are made very dependent on a variety of specialists for information and advice ... and in fact so are the parents.

A work unit holds a power base of centrality if other departments are very dependent on it in the work flow.

Therefore most data are retrieved on reflection as soon after the situation as possible, and thus are very dependent upon memory.

The need for specialised local services is very dependent upon provision by other groups in the area.

This trim offset is virtually constant and is not very dependent on forward speed.

But the quality of the reflection is very dependent on the questioning skills of the teacher.

The interpretation of the result is however very dependent on which is the test variable.


Instead of being a development of an inherent or generally available faculty, it is a specialized technique wholly dependent on specific training.

Most of our employees are wholly dependent on their employment with us for their survival.

But this area, too, was wholly dependent on engineers for its existence.

It evoked a huge and apparently permanent armament industry, now wholly dependent ... on government contracts.

Ecgberht may have received wide support in Kent and can not necessarily be regarded as wholly dependent on Offa for his kingship.

But they are still highly circumscribed in their authority, and wholly dependent upon their salaried employment.

Accordingly, he was wholly dependent upon Adenauer for his position, and could present no political threat.



Household and family About a third of all households in Great Britain have at least one dependent child .

A large number of dependent children are affected by unemployment.

The definition of dependent child is one for whom you are receiving child benefit.

The proportion of dependent children living in one parent families has increased by more than 50 percent since the early 1970s.

The claimants were nearly always women, and three out of four of them had dependent children .

She has one dependent child aged 16.

The latest estimates suggest that more than one million dependent children are in such families.

This compared with 10 percent of two parent families with dependent children .


This should be written in short grammatical sentences with the minimum of dependent clauses .

The example below uses an independent and dependent clause .

The dependent clause functions as a substitution item in a frame, the frame being the rest of the sentence.


Introduction Diabetic nephropathy kills many patients with insulin dependent diabetes .

Results - Twenty seven subjects had non-insulin dependent diabetes , 32 had impaired glucose tolerance, and 42 were normoglycaemic.

Among the papers is a short report about self monitoring of triglyceride concentrations in non-insulin dependent diabetes in 12 patients.

Non-insulin dependent diabetes was defined according to the World Health Organisation fasting criteria.


There is a dispute about which units matter, or even whether units matter at all except as dependent variables .

Be sure to indicate in your drawing the independent and dependent variables .

Due to the simultaneity between the dependent variable and the current eurobond yield, the equation was estimated by instrumental variables.

The problem is not primarily a structural one - structures are dependent variables .

Therefore, the regression coefficient is often considered as a measure of the effect of the independent variable on the dependent variable.

His master explanatory variable is market capitalism and his dependent variable is peasant rebellion.

As a dependent variable , post-materialism is seen to be a symptom of economic modernization.

Technically speaking, he tries to account for a dependent variable without relating it to any independent variables.


About 10% of the population is dependent on some form of drug.

Do you have any dependent children?

Far more people are dependent on alcohol than we realize.

It's almost impossible to take tranquilizers for long without becoming dependent .


In the absence of agricultural support, the women and children become dependent on government.

It is not only the United States that has become dependent on imports of oil.

She has one dependent child aged 16.

Since the value of the resulting output is highly dependent on these components, they should be given early and careful consideration.

The dependence thesis does not claim that authorities always act for dependent reasons, but merely that they should do so.

The whole thing is about gaining trust, is dependent on trust.

With wild cats it ensures that the animals do not become totally dependent on one kind of prey.

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