Meaning of EAT in English




to take in as food

they quickly ate a light breakfast

Synonyms: consume, devour, feed (on), ingest, meal, partake (of), take; compare consume 5

Related Word: banquet, feast, gormandize; eat up, gobble (up or down), gorge (on), ||mop (up), polish off, scoff; breakfast, dine, lunch, nosh, snack, sup; mouth, ||muckamuck; nibble, pick

Idioms: break bread, get away with, have ( or take) a bite, take nourishment, ||put on the feed bag


Synonyms: consume 1, devour, eat up, exhaust, use up


to consume gradually

the acid ate the surface of the copper

Synonyms: bite, corrode, eat away, erode, gnaw, scour, wear (away)

Related Word: nibble (away); consume, decompose, disintegrate, dissolve

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