Meaning of EAT in English


transcription, транскрипция: [ i:t ]

v. (past ate; past part. eaten) 1 a tr. take into the mouth, chew, and swallow (food). b intr. consume food; take a meal. c tr. devour (eaten by a lion). 2 intr. (foll. by (away) at, into) a destroy gradually, esp. by corrosion, erosion, disease, etc. b begin to consume or diminish (resources etc.). 3 tr. colloq. trouble, vex (what's eating you?). øeat dirt see DIRT. eat one's hat colloq. admit one's surprise in being wrong (only as a proposition unlikely to be fulfilled : said he would eat his hat). eat one's heart out suffer from excessive longing or envy. eat humble pie see HUMBLE. eat out have a meal away from home, esp. in a restaurant. eat out of a person's hand be entirely submissive to a person. eat salt with see SALT. eat up 1 (also absol.) eat or consume completely. 2 use or deal with rapidly or wastefully (eats up petrol; eats up the miles). 3 encroach upon or annex (eating up the neighbouring States). 4 absorb, preoccupy (eaten up with pride). eat one's words admit that one was wrong. [OE etan f. Gmc]

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